Just wrapped up Fennel Jam 1! I present: DOINK! A micro autobattler roguelite.

Really happy with how this turned out, I think it could be awesome with some more content and improvements to the mechanics.

Let me know what you think! mattroelle.itch.io/doink

Final day on progress! Still lots to do but feeling great about the direction

progress! Core game loop works. I think I'm calling it "You and what army?" It's an autobattler roguelite, like all of my other projects.

Beginning day 3 of ! Feeling good about my progress so far.

I've got most of the basic gameplay elements built, so now it's time to start turning it into something that's actually fun to play and not just a physics toy.

Might work on some graphics today?

progress! Had to fix a ton of bugs in my imgui framework but now I think we're cruising. Feeling very efficient at the moment

Well I am failing at step 1. FPS is holding steady at 300+ with 1200 entities that have basic AI + a box2d body.

Love2D's built in physics (box2d) + ECS + LuaJIT = you have to try really hard to write slow code

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Finally got around to playing with 8fl! I'm going to try to use it to compose the music for my game project.

I have taken 1 day off in 5 weeks. It's getting close to time to ship!

I've been given the wonderful responsibility of organizing the 1st ever . Come write some awesome lua lisp games with us from May 25th - June 1st! itch.io/jam/fennel-game-jam-1

P.S. peep my dope pixel art fennel drawing

A brief demo of programming animation sequences using some simple Fennel macros, leveraging Lua coroutines for synchronous asynchronous code

Nothing gets my productivity up quite like a 90s themed editor.

PS my emacs game has been strong lately

Here's a cool 3d slot machine effect I've been working on today!

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