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@mattroelle for the rhythm i am working on better support for arbitrary rhythms and something like tidal cycle's syntax. i have some stuff in there right now but its all based on really early ideas i had about combining rhythm and melody that do not really work lol. actively working on this bit.

for now you can make due with something like this. fit and fill-notes are functions i am not happy with and will change at some point, but this is your best bet atm.

Finally got around to playing with 8fl! I'm going to try to use it to compose the music for my game project.

I have taken 1 day off in 5 weeks. It's getting close to time to ship!

I've been given the wonderful responsibility of organizing the 1st ever . Come write some awesome lua lisp games with us from May 25th - June 1st!

P.S. peep my dope pixel art fennel drawing

A brief demo of programming animation sequences using some simple Fennel macros, leveraging Lua coroutines for synchronous asynchronous code

Well my website survived the HackerNews front page totally unscathed. CPU went from about 1.3% average use (tmux/IRC/website) to about 3%, with a brief peak around 4%

OpenResty is powerful

Nothing gets my productivity up quite like a 90s themed editor.

PS my emacs game has been strong lately

It might sound silly but I find soulsbourne games to be very motivating. It's as if they tell us:

Listen to me and listen carefully.. in this world there are no Losers. None. There are only Quitters and Winners. So you make up your mind, who do you want to be?

- soft
- small
- not noisy
- prefers naps
- poop in box

- various soft
- various size
- loud bork
- have to keep an eye on
- poop time interruptions

@nasser Have you done anything more with Fennel lately? I enjoyed your Fennel conf talk about renoise very much

I wrote a bit about why I think Fennel is my new favorite language.

It feels like a really game-dev oriented language and has really increased my productivity lately.

Here's a cool 3d slot machine effect I've been working on today!

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