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@matttwood@twitter.com I’d love to hear your process for planning the city structure and architecture! Where do you get your inspiration and what do you use for pre design before modeling?

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It was a process where I learned a lot and bunch of mistakes. But having just a small team, it was ok! But I will definitely take a different approach going forward.

At the start, I just gathered tons and TONS of reference. Lots of Google maps images.

Then I started quickly prototyping very blocky street layouts, with some minor turns, like this.

The idea was that, to make things quickly, I wanted everything to be on a grid, so I could snap it together and iterate quickly.

But I realized while this would be OK, it wouldn't feel very natural. Also, from a design view, looking down a long street doesn't give players a short range focal point and is harder to "pull them along". Compare A vs B below. B makes you want to see what's around that corner!

So I forced myself to give up the grid and make some nice curvy and angular streets. This meant that I would also mostly need custom buildings too.

But right around that time, I would also programming everything, managing everything, designing everything, etc, etc, etc

So to make progress on the environment, @DmawXXX@twitter.com and @invaderroxas@twitter.com helped out considerably by making some sweet buildings. Some buildings were made just because they were rad and some based on a very rough layout, that was a huge "guess". We just needed _something_.


While the layout was rough and completely untested, it gave us a foundation to start tweaking and building on.

Oh also, before all of this, I had some staple areas that I had already built that continued their way through most all iterations, like the park.

Also, also, before I made the decision to go full open-world, one big level, the game was going to be level based at one point. You would finished a level and move on to the next. So I spent a lot of time making areas that would only be a single "level".

But back to the current design, the main map has gone though maybe 3 or 4 MAJOR changes and when everything is custom, making changes like that is freaking expensive, let me tell you. I knew this going into it, but it doesn't hurt any less when you have to do it. 😖

But the current design is the one that's going to stick (I can FEEL it). Well it has to because at some point I need to ship this thing, right? 😆

Also, I messed around with a plugin I found for blender that let's you export Google earth geo data. I didn't use it for anything, but it was amazing for getting inspiration and understanding scale, layout, etc

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