The new Far Cry looks great I guess and having a protagonist choice is nice buuuut their fancy website just let me create a Dani that would actually convince me to buy the game

This photo from a BBC article about streaming.

The streamer with a bad green screen. The photoshopped face. The background of a dead game (Battleborn). Perfection.

When you try and play a mobile game you're enjoying that has pretty much no online features at all, other than the obligatory-in-2020 gem shop.

Hey here's the stats in game when not streaming. Not perfect, a little stuttery, but it'll get there ;)

Alright y'all asked for the next edition in my detailed Linux tutorial series, this ones a real b-e-a-yout. Took me months of research. If there's demand for more of these then smash that shutdown button and go pet a cat or something, idk, I'm not your mom

Not too shabby first game night result ;)

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