Anyone know of 4X style games or similar with research trees that don't show you what you're going to discover prior to actually discovering it? e.g. in Civ, you choose to "invent" the wheel in 5 years time. I'm looking for something that doesn't break causality.

1. Install Chrome on steam deck
2. Change to desktop mode
3. Cast desktop
4. Play steam game
5. ???
6. Profit! (from slightly laggy and reasonably delayed stream of game to TV)

Steam Deck nerds - I want to pre-prepare an SD card full of games ready to be used when the Deck arrives. What do I need to know?

I assume:
1. Formatted as EXT4
2. ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common copied over
3. Some kind of permissions set up

Anyone know?

I have finished the Elden Ring at lvl 158 and amost exactly 100 hours.

I give the game 158/100, absolutely and monstrously incredible. What a game.

Quick shout out to the community of devs who've banded together (with lots of funding from Valve) to produce what we all dreamed of years ago when the Steam Machines were announced.

The reviews speak for themselves. GG everyone, and gratz on the hardware release

👋 I'm building a team at Unity! I've got open roles for senior & intern ('22-'23) tools developers working on raising the bar for the quality of every Unity release, for all users and platforms. Come join us!



ICYMI (I certainly did...) the new Unity Hub can be installed from both deb and rpm repositories! No more janky AppImage sitting in your Downloads folder!

Those with Thinkpad X1 Carbons - any gotchas or tips for running Linux on them?

Inscription just blew my tiny mind. My god. Wonderful game.

I upgraded to Pop_OS 20.10, disabled the pop shell extension after it re-enabled itself and restarted the shell, and I kid you not it started back up in Chinese and had completely uninstalled all support for English. I had to use Google translate on my phone to get it all back.

Watching absolutely own it on the Steam Deck dev livestream. Gratz to the whole team putting this together and good lunch for the launch next year.

Tried to get back into Dota. Out of 5 turbo games, I won 1, the other four had multiple people flaming the whole time, at eachother and me. Good thing watching this game is so good because playing it is absolute ass.

Gotta say, Apple absolutely still knocking it out of the park in terms of their new silicon. If only these things ran Linux ;)

Seeing the devs behind Star Citizen excitedly explain their plans to shift to Vulkan soon (in 2022?) is such a funny feeling after having been part of shipping one of the first ever Vulkan games waaaay back in 2015. Super proud of how ahead of the game we were with that!

Full hour discussion about the LTT Linux Challenge here, and it's well worth a liste. Some hard truths but some good insights.

The internet is plaing a game of chess. There's a pawn stuck in lego river, a bishop is building a time machine, and we're currently desiging a flag for white because it's unfair that only black has a flag

Anyone else playing the Witcher mobile game? DM me your friend codes I need more bombs

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