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The Steam Deck will likely support discord fully out of the box, but will Valve have fixed the issues with high quality bluetooth audio codes that prevent a bunch of headsets working?

It's been like 15 years of using Linux and I still work with about 10 terminal windows open at any point in time. Is there a support group for that?

"For Deck, we're vastly improving Proton's game compatibility and support for anti-cheat solutions by working directly with the vendors"

Some rando thoughts on the

Full Linux desktop under the hood is rad if this thing sells well.

This is a full devkit and developer tool in desktop mode. A first for a handheld?

64GB model will fall apart with AAA games but there's 10k+ games that'd fit easily on it

Gotta say, the Square Enix take on the Guardians makes them look like knock-offs made in Second Life. For a series that has so many great artistic representations of those characters, it's... ugh. Hope the game is better than it first looks.

Holy shit they actually did The Move in the battlefield trailer and I'm now hype for a battlefield game for the first time in over a decade

Anyone know of any Linux tools with similar functionality to "brew doctor" and other self-diagnosis programs?

I'm thinking warnings like "You don't have the amdgpu kmod loaded" or "You're using Mesa with an Nvidia card".

The new Far Cry looks great I guess and having a protagonist choice is nice buuuut their fancy website just let me create a Dani that would actually convince me to buy the game

If you're not paying attention to the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit, and you care about where the future leads in terms of open platforms, exclusivity, or even what constitutes a "game", then you should be. Whatever side you're on you're missing out on a fundamentally important argument

Oy what ritual do I gotta perform so you can add Krisp to the Linux client?

It's only taken me 200 days but I've finally built the shade a bed in The Longing. What a lovely game.

It's only lunch and I've already written code in 8 languages. Help me.

God it never loses it's novelty to run a system update and see GameMode in there

OK fine Superliminal got me good. I went in expecting another well trodden portal-alike with just one clever mechanic, and got something that felt a little greater than the sum of it's parts. Lovely game.

I can't tell if DRAG's super sampling is working, because I'm at 4x and I'm still 120hz locked. Given how insanely optimized the game is, I'm actually doubting my own doubt here.

I need more multiplayer games where the answer to "Can I do this thing?" is more often than not "I don't know, let's try".

Seeing tonight on the game awards is going to be real weird after romancing him in Death Stranding last week

Death Stranding is clearly not a game that can work for everyone, but by god did it work for me. Unforgettable.

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