"btw I use arch" 🙃
(yeah, finally joined the club)

This is how privacy dies (in the EU) with Chat-Control! 🤐

> On 6 July, all Members of the European Parliament will cast their vote on the legislation that will allow e-mail and messaging providers to indiscriminately scan and search your private messages for suspicious content in real-time.


Can we please nominate this video for an Academy Award of any sorts?


Also I'm pretty sure that the future list of "Wonders of the World" will include at least 3 things mentioned in there. 🙃

RT @RawFury@twitter.com

Together with our publishing agreement, we’ve also templated a bunch of documents from legal, finance, marketing etc that we felt could be useful for developers.

We hope they can be used/adapted to fit with your needs. Find them + the agreement here: rawfury.com/developer-resource

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RawFury/status/134

Fast Inverse Square Root — A Quake III Algorithm youtu.be/p8u_k2LIZyo - video by Nemean

Just read "Contempt Culture" -- blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-con -- article. It is good to reflect on how you choose to interact with others within your field, programming or no, as this kind of gate-keeping happens all over the place. I know i have participated in it, and like to think i've grown out of it, but is important to reflect and be alert for this kind of behaviour.

Why Raytracing won't simplify AAA real-time rendering.

> Complexity has nothing to do with technologies.


Compiling with to compile games on

This is a tutorial on how to compile your dev version of Stride for multiple Graphics platforms, Vulkan in particular, and then use the generated NuGet packa...


Handmade Seattle
(live today & tomorrow)

Independent low-level programming conference.


✨GIMP 2.99.2 Release✨

A first step towards GIMP 3 based on GTK3 user interface toolkit.


is Here!

Have a look at Curtis Holt's great intro video to get inspired: youtu.be/mBrpY1VA6gI

Really great to see so many great different approaches to node based 🍪, 🍬, ..

A colleague just this Game Prodiction focused YouTube playlist:

I've seen only a few from it and those were pretty good. I guess it will keep me busy for a while during lunch breaks or so.. 📺

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