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AMD just leapfrogged BOTH Intel and Nvidia in a single year. What on earth did I just witness.

"Why do you use C-Style Naming Conventions?" (aka snake_case)

Answered by John Jackson:

🎵❤️ The Smashing Pumpkins Live on Pulse Basement Jam,1988 (Full Performance)

Yesterday, I finished _Death Stranding_ which was a sublime emotional trip. While I understand it's not for everyone, for me it's that type of experiences which got me into GameDev! <3

'How Dead Cells Secretly Stops You From Dying' gives some amazing tricks and insights!

I'm still mad that Mads Mikkelsen wasn't cast for Netflix's The Witcher but this will be awesome!

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - 1984 - You're not in control! 🎮💊😱

Unfortunately, New Mutants won't be out this year but looks like The Darkest Minds will fill the void!

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