I know this is not of much interest to the Unity-using folks here, and I know it's controversial in C++ land, but every time I go screw around with and get burned by something like std::variant then see a new video or post about Jai I get more hyped for it.


There's a warning about integer conversion in a header at work that is included by the whole damn universe. Incredibuild is a sea of yellow.

One really happy moment re: accessibility we had:

From the beginning Dirtbags' controls were designed with the mantra "you should be able to easily play with one hand using the mouse." The hope was to have a design constraint that stop us from doing anything crazy. We had reundant action bindings on keyboard buttons for those who preferred it, but they weren't required.

But then somebody who actually had just 1 hand showed up at our PAX East booth and the game just naturally accommodated him.

If I had seen this I would've done controller support in Dirtbags way differently. It did the usual thing where input on one device would switch it to the mode for that device.


Hey so this library for UI layout exists and looks pretty good and is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for: github.com/randrew/layout

It does flex/grid layouts, doesn't assume anything else about the UI, and says it was based on paniq's OUI.

I was prompted search for something like this because the UI framework at work doesn't have good layout primitives, lots of manual `container.height += element.height; container.width = max(container.width, element.width);` type code 😩

What's the best in-game UI system you've ever worked with?

What are your favorite and least-favorite qualities in a scripting language for games?

I mean both in terms of the language itself, and how it's integrated into the game engine.

I have some beef with Lua (and Python, and JavaScript, and C#, and...), but the experience of these is often dependent on how they're used.

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