@jplebreton I was tempted to make this my iPad wallpaper but then I remembered I like to fly on airplanes.

@jon_valdes This is an excellent gotcha, up there with the time I "tar *"'d my home directory, excluding all dotfiles by accident.

@Apoch I am working on an (unpublished but commercially licensed) compiler for a data and type definition language, which is a subset of the problem your are attacking. Glad to make the connection.

"Why does concurrency matter in this case, Mike?" I am following this effort up by writing a fuzzer that generates a test count that will make me want to not have 15 idle cores. Also I am running each test with compiler argument set permutations. The need for compute scales quickly.

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I chose Go because its apis force explicit error handling which helps ensure integrity of results and because I want to run all tests concurrently at the speed of my 16-core build server on every OS without messing around with portable build scripts or writing portable thread code.

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The plan is to embed instructions on what the test expects in code comment files. A 5-ish line config file defines what comments are, and how to parse compiler output.

Now it's a cross-language test harness.

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Currently working on a compiler verification test harness. No link to share yet. gcc uses Dejagnu which I /could/ use, but is overwrought. (tcl ugh) Llvm's is bolted right in to the project. Turns out creating a simple, portable and concurrent one in Go is a weekend project.

@elmindreda I used this to create a joystick diagnostics tool. I was happy with how it turned out. github.com/mlabbe/investickgat

@aras I can't get over a nagging sense that BE will be back a couple years after we rip it out of our codebases and build processes.

@ocornut It wasn't. It was like a version of Valve's VGUI that I wrote myself, meant to ship mouse/keyboard/gamepad games. If I could do it again, I would use an IM toolkit for the tools.

@ocornut I did it once for an in-house game gui lib. Solid 6 weeks of hard work. It became the paradigm for all tools, so was worth it. Good for editing multiple levels in tandem.

@ocornut The benefit to impl effort ratio when using Imgui is so visibly off the charts with these gifs. Awesome work!

@dougbinks @fungos No kidding. That one guy wants a forum for killing C compatible libraries. Objectively a bad idea until the abi is standardized, and an unfriendly approach in any world.

@khalladay Check out Nebo on iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. It does math symbol recognition.

@jon_valdes Hey man, sometimes you have to round up to the next power of 2 somehow!

One of the tricky challenges when launching a new studio is recruiting developers before you announce your title. My friends at First Strike Games in Seattle are hiring for a fully funded UE4 title. Remote also possible. DM me for details. firststrikegames.com

@kenanb @nomahr Ah my mistake. So, then, NOT exactly what you were looking for.

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