I like C# as a language but integrating it into an engine and supporting it across a wide variety of platforms looks like a nightmare.

Maybe lua isn't so bad....

@rje Lua is definitely not bad. And I'm saying that all the time, even though I'm a C# guy.


@rokups @rje Well after all this years, I know the ins and outs of C#, and I love using it. But for gamedev, compared to Lua, I like the latter more. That's all I'm saying :)

@mikeandtherest @rokups I wasn't particularly talking about the relative strengths or weaknesses of the languages, more the work involved in including a language for use across a variety of platforms

@rokups @mikeandtherest @rje we did this for Windows / iOS but the aot stuff was the main barrier at the time. The main thing is because of the license change you can now get Xamarin people to help you.

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