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I'm Minitrope, a hobbyist gamedev.
I'm interested in:

- 💡
- FOSS games 🕹
- automated game testing ⚙️
- games and gameplays focusing on socialists/communist/anarchist topics 🚩 🏴

I'm currently working on "Hasty Melons" a watermelon racing game 🍉 .
(And hopefully I will manage to work more on this in 2018, so I can publish it 😅).

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Online Commune. A game about living in a commune, as you share duties, creativity, and play mini games!

Game is in early alpha, but you can register and play now on the games section of . #socialism #communism #community

: a visual novel based on the following short horror story:

"You hear someone knocking on the space station door from outside. You look through the porthole and see an astronaut, but all your crew is inside and accounted for."

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📣 stop saying 'females' when you mean 'women'

This is my favorite line of the talk, on why one would make a language:

When we write code, we are restructuring our thoughts to fit the language of the computer.

When we design our own languages, we rewire the computer to match the structure of our thoughts.

#Games #horror #halloween #horrorgames

Fav horror games🎃(not by rank):

-Silent Hill 2
-Dead Space 1
-Outlast 1-2+DLC
-Until Dawn
-Resident Evil 7
-SOMA(More existential kind of horror)
-P.T.(can’t play anymore but worth the mention)
-Alien Isolation
-The Evil Within

Please add some of your #HorrorGames recommendations❤️ for anyone looking for creepy plays this Halloween 👻!

I found an old bottle, washed up on the shore, with a letter inside. It is addressed to "Someone Else".
I have not opened it, of course, as it is not for me. Do you know who it's for?
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Me, by myself, talking to the cat in english.

me: Wait. Why I'm talking to the cat in english?
also me: Ah, because otherwise he might not under...

*looks at the camera*

is there somewhere game devs look for translators ??? now i wanna do more pt-br translations of video games,,,

the abolition of work sounds great, but i'm more interested in the flying alligator

Hey! Would you like your small game to be translated into French? I'm available for work!

Recent work includes Friary Road for @humblegrove ( ) and most publications on

Hit me up! #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #translation

It's interesting how adjusting a color profile is to photo printing what mastering is to music production. As in they both optimize the art for the technical specifications of reproduction. And they're both finicky and confusing.


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