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However casually looking at current discussions/users, seems that majority happen to be programmers, or men, or white (or some combo of that). If you have more varied friends who could join, tell them to! More topics & more diverse people == more interesting IMHO.

I've moved the Local Space and Snap toggles to the Top Bar for easier access. Now it feels much better. :D mastodon.gamedev.place/media/t

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If anyone is interested, the author of Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom) is writing another book online, Crafting Interpreters (craftinginterpreters.com/). I love his writing style and I'm having a delight studying it; also, he made both books for free online, and both are pretty awesome reading for programmers.

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The joys of development, when an unexpected patch arrives to implement a 2-year-old very requested feature :)


Probably my last feature before 3.0 beta - planar scale gizmo! :) With two modes: uniform, and non uniform (holding SHIFT). Test it well pls. Happy level prototyping! :)


Hi o/
I'm Game Developer, 2D/3D/Anim Artist. Godot Engine user and contributor, Blender user and FLOSS fan.

I will post about my game dev related projects and art. :D

I love all kinds of games but 3D games with interesting story and fast gameplay are my favorites. :3

Member of the game dev industry since 2014 :)

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