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*honk* "I dun wanna live anymore, AAAaaaa...."

I wouldn't call premeditated self sacrifice reactionary. You can think of other noble examples of similar behavior, I just came up with that as something that is hard to explain. A monkey with a concept of reward after death would be one impressive complicated monkey. Must take a lot of effort to teach one that. To humans on the other hand you just tell stories, they just believe and unlearning becomes a challenge instead.

@byllgrim@mastodon.xyz @sim uhuh, uhuh, I think I understand... yes...
suicide bombing - ultimate survival
mass shooting - ultimate procreation

our ability to throw the monkey straight out the window at a whim is what brought us where we are. We hang by a thread of sanity.
"simple predictable monkey in me that values life above all else? GTFO, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO ENACT MY RELIGION!"

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Considering a generic function, that accepts a count of numbers (usual + - * / algebra) and returns their average (sum over count), what requirements make sense to be imposed on the number to allow division by count?

(count is 2 in example pseudo code)

1. explicit construction from a single natural number:
(n1 + n2)/number(2)

2. straight up a division operator that accepts a natural number as second argument:
(n1 + n2)/2

3. multiplication identity constructor/value that can be accumulated (using addition) to reach count:
(n1 + n2)/(number::one + number::one)

4. addition operator that accepts a natural number as second argument (assuming zero/default constructor available):
(n1 + n2)/(number() + 2)

#cpp #programming #generic_programming

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#xoshiro is a family of #publicdomain (#CC0) pseudorandom number generators.

xoshiro (xor-shift-rotate) and #xoroshiro (xor-rotate-shift-rotate) are public domain #algorithms that shift state to produce very random numbers at high speeds suitable for insecure applications. The algorithms only use a few bytes of state and are suitable for embedded applications which require good pseudorandom numbers.

Website 🔗️: prng.di.unimi.it/

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #RNG #programming

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@byllgrim@mastodon.xyz Not really, since I haven't even tried it myself yet. I guess the wizard roleplay could be to encourage yourself to throw balls without feeling like a monkey throwing rocks?? And actual physical balls are maybe to provide a challenge you can focus on, you might need to dodge or catch them if they bounce back at you (enemy returning fire!), or try and hit specific targets, and you can go nuts, since they are not likely to damage anything... hopefully.

@byllgrim@mastodon.xyz acquire ping pong balls, fill yourself with furious anger and pure rage, imagine yourself to be a wizard, imagine ping pong balls to be fireballs, throw/kick them around.

I've learned of this technique from an ex juggler, biologist, singer, banjo player. I plan to attempt it myself with the aid of the following instrument, if I can source it locally.

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c++ obstacle course 

Try to write transparent wrapper using implicit conversion ->
-> templates don't pick it up, cause type deduction -> fix with metamagic ->
gcc rejects valid >~<
Isolate, work around.

Add an innocent constant variable -> clang segmentation faults x_x
power through without the quality of life constant.
Brag about bugs you found.
Feel alive.


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Decided to sell this though I'm not sure anyone would be interested
Watercolor, A5 size. 370€ + shipping, dm me if you want it

Boosts very much appreciated!
#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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I got some nice mini cards and a new awesome paper for color prints! Thought I'd celebrate with a raffle 🌟

Win a set of 3 mini cards: 'Dream dwellers'
Boost & follow to enter
Ends on may 23rd

Check out my shop: anaisfae.art/shop

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I decided to start publishing me playing some stuff on my peertube channel, as a way to motivate me to get better and get over my shyness...
I'm not very good, but whatever, you gotta start somewhere. Hopefully with time I'll look back and laugh at the goofy attempts =D

This is the first song. From now on I'll just boost my peertube status with every video


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The bird who sowed the wind 🐦
The three little birds:
- oh no
- wtf is this
- fly you fools!!
The fourth little bird:
- aaaaaaaaaaaaa

#MastoArt #art #TraditionalArt #watercolor #HugeBirdsAreDragons

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Антанас Суткус. Незрячий пионер. Каунас, 1962. Можно было бы сказать, что слепой человек не реагирует на камеру, и его лицо не превращается в маску. Или что образ головы без волос тянет из памяти множество других образов, которые сохранили длинную историю страданий. Но самое главное не это. Иногда фотография при всей материальности своих инструментов может проникнуть в невидимое. И тогда перед нами не просто мальчик с хрустальными глазами. Чувствительная к свету пленка сохранила то, что легко назвать душой. Это портрет как будто вывернутый наизнанку, и внутреннее здесь явно настолько, что обычная царапина на правой щеке мальчика, как порез по сердцу зрителя. Но невыносимей всего его взгляд удивленный и нездешний за рамки кадра, как за границу жизни. И наверное то, что мальчик не смотрит прямо в камеру, это снисхождение к нам. Кто готов к тому, что эти глаза будут смотреть на него?


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