Alright, calmed down, back to gamedev work. Made a passage from Port Island to future Amber Island in Might and Magic 7 Custom Mod

New mod for might and magic: VII is out. You're about to experience more than one hour of fun exloring new dungeon. This is a first mod of kind that introduces new gameplay content.

More about it on website:

New walkthrough of Smintheus: Level 10 - "Red Mole Mines". This level has a mix of both thinking and reaction challenges with some quirky arena quest. Here are some best moments without heavy spoilers.

Full walkthrough:

Grab it on steam with 30% discount:

Happy upcoming new year :)

Hey all! My game goes on its first sale - Steam Winter Sale!

It's an action-adventure puzzle game where you craft stuff while being hunted by the cat.

Buy it while it's hot! - 30% discount:

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Hey hey! I'm back from the break, continuing series of walkthrough for my game Smintheus. First level - "The Great Mine" of second world.

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Good news everyone! Smintheus has Steam Trading Cards now! Additionally, I've decided to reduce price as a part of "discount" till the end of this year.


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Level 8 - "Separate Reality" is the final level of "Deviated Valley" world. Quite simple when comparing to previous levels. It's more about story than challenge.


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Walkthrough for level 7 - "Catastrophe". Whole level is dedicated to the cat (dealing with him). You're gonna:

* Trap
* Hypnotize
* Shoot
* Scare
* Zap
* Blow up

the cat throughout the level!

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Smintheus Walkthrough - Level 3 "Hermit".

This level introduces couple of mechanics which later will be used in puzzles - such as switches, boxes, fires, etc.

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Walkthrough continues... Level 2 - "Spotlight Bird". Introduces first set of non-puzzle challenges.


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Time to publish walkthrough for my action-adventure / puzzle game. Let's start with level 1 (although, it's not a challenge at all) :)


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Updated page on IndieDB about my 2D indie action-adventure / puzzle game with crafting and stuff :)


Happy weekend everyone!

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New gadgets are being introduced together with silent tutorial - like this "Fake Bush" gadget for example.

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After running around endless tunnels of great underground, you finally stumble upon rails. Exit must be somewhere nearby.

Happy !

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