@jon_valdes haha, I brace myself every time I open a complex shader on shadertoy. Robust graphics drivers aren't a solved problem yet.

@nical DX drivers are OK-ish these days. But OpenGL ones... The fact that browsers on Windows are more stable when using Angle is pretty damning thing 🤦🏻‍♂️

@nical and then you throw Android in the mix, and you have guaranteed "fun"!

@jon_valdes one of the reasons ANGLE/DX is used (in Firefox) is interop with hardware video decoders which talks DXGI (in addition to buggy drivers). Nvidia is looking pretty solid on windows (both DX and GL) these days so I'd love to avoid the nightmarish stuff that happens inside ANGLE sometimes (like injecting a geometry shader to emulate different provoking vertex conventions with flat varyings). Maybe one day.

@jon_valdes Android is definitely the wild west (non-ES3 chips are still being produced today), but I also want a round of applause for the glsl compiler on Mac which will often miscompile your shader if you go near integer arithmetic 👏 and is unlikely to get fixes.

@nical ah, yes, I see you've been burned in the fires of hell too 😅

I've managed to stay in the comfortable land of DX and GCN for a few years, and I dread the day I have to deal with OpenGL or Android again. I hope things improve before that but, somehow, I doubt it'll ever become much better 😕

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