@Truck I think that the gfx weekly is perfect for people who have an idea of how graphics engine work (not necessarily experts but know at least about the basics of the common rendering techniques)

Here's the playlist for the talks and demos we had at Brussels 2019.

Lots of interesting topics ranging from neuroscience to GPU particle collisions via visual debugging and porting old DOS games to !


Lyon 0.13.0 is out github.com/nical/lyon
Your favorite path tessellation crate got its share of bug fixes, new features and API ergonomics improvements.

Long time no toot!

3.1 is getting close to the release candidate, expect the stable version in coming weeks!

You can test 3.1 beta 4 now and report any bugs you find: godotengine.org/article/dev-sn

Intel's OpenImageDenoise, an open source denoising library (currently CPU based?) is out! openimagedenoise.github.io/

Kinda tempted to try it out on my toy path tracer :)

I added flame chart profiler output option to Clang, so I could see where exactly time goes while it's compiling. Already found some good stuff! Here's a blog post with info aras-p.info/blog/2019/01/16/ti

An interview with Elan Ruskin on engines, tools, and 15 years of AAA experience. isetta.io/interviews/ElanRuski
(HT to @KostasAAA for the link.)

Fun fact from that presentaion: the encoder can perform some denoising that removes (intentional) film grain to make the frame easier to compress and retain high level information about visual characteristics of the grain so that the decoder can fake it as a post processing effect.

"Materialize" is a now Opensourced. With this tool, you will be able to convert any image into PBR Material. It's literally Substance/B2M on steroids.


GitHub (Unity project) is here :


See it in action :


I did an interview with lovely folks at "Isetta Engine" (student team at CMU) a while ago, and they managed to edit my random rambling into something that resembles coherent thought! isetta.io/interviews/ArasPranc -- on graphics, modularity, API design, random other stuff.

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