Note Kingdom is finally live!!

I would like to thank my co-collaborators (who are on Twitter) for working on this with me in April. We did it. Y'all rock 👊🏾

Special thanks to the community on Discord. With their help, I fixed a last-minute crash issue in a matter of minutes.

25 notes. 20 puzzles. 1 epic ending. Runs on Windows, and hopefully Mac/Linux (untested), in English and Russian.

Let me know your feedback!

@nightblade9 The game starts and runs well on Linux 👍

There's an issue with audio for me though, initially the music was super saturated like some industrial noise music... I changed volume to less than 100% and that fixed it.

Then same issue with sfx in game, and changing the volume also fixed it.

Might be a Godot bug worth investigating on GitHub.

@nightblade9 Played a few minutes through the first 5-6 puzzles, works well! I might play again and some more with my nephews and nieces this weekend :)

Some early feedback:
- First level, with the fixed camera it's hard to find the path up the tree. Not a problem for an experienced player, but I could see it frustrating for younger ones. Also no clear feeling for the player that it's meant to be so and not just a bug.

- Same level: transition area to next zone is not clear. You have to jump in the void. First time I jumped down the tree to see if I could open the door after getting this note. Then I had to crawl back up to jump in the void beyond the top edge of the map.

- In general level/zone transitions could use some animation/fade. A hard freeze while it loads the next level kind of breaks immersion.

- No easy way to keep track of progression among puzzles. "Level" doors open, but once you have several open you don't necessarily remember which one you visited/solved. It would be good to be able to identify solved puzzles in the village.

- Esc quits to main menu with no "Continue" option. If you forgot to save with F, you can lose a lot of progress inadvertently.

- Mechanics/controls could be made clearer, when I started I found how to move but then mashed around a few keys to see if I could jump, turn the camera, or play a note. Eventually I found that it's movement-only, but as a player you keep this feeling that you might be missing on something if you don't know the keys.
A simple area-based tutorial that tells you to move with Arrow keys or WASD would be good. Then you know there's nothing else if tutorial doesn't mention it.

@nightblade9 - Re "transition area to next zone is not clear", this applies to most levels actually. You do understand eventually that you have to run into doors at the edge of the map or into houses/ships, but a clearer visual marker of their "transition" function might be good.

One door in the Village seems to be fully black, so you don't know if it's a very low poly door texture, or an open transition area. So I tend to just bump in all possible transitions to find them.

@akien thanks for the detailed feedback on the game. You're right about all of it.

I wasn't planning to keep developing the game beyond the end of April, but these issues really should be solved. I'll put them on my backlog - thanks for the detailed feedback.

@akien The audio thing is a known bug (you're the second to report it). Thanks for letting me know.

@nightblade9 I seem to be unable to launch it on Ubuntu 19.04 via the app. Launching it directly from a file manager works fine though. gives me Exit code 0x1 (1) for (NoteKingdom.x86_64)"

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