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Finally some love for the 3.1 stable branch!
Godot 3.1.2 has a first Release Candidate.

Past months have mostly been about the upcoming 3.2 and 4.0 releases, but we don't forget the thousands of users who need an update for their current projects.

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Incidentally, there's an port well under way, and maybe a ZX one soon too.

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Been working on a little game. It’s getting close to being ready. soexcite!

Dodgy Rocks: crazy high-speed endless arcade thing-dodging in an 8-bit style!

Head on over to itch for a looky:

Happy New Year (GMT), you lovely funny little people in my phone.

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New Black Mirror announced, with possibly the funniest cameo to date.

@RobF I lasted 20 minutes on the Meg and I’m usually a Statham (and Fast Show) fan.

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If Black Mirror Bandersnatch never gets released, imagine how frumious I will be be.

@jeffrey Finished American Gods and watched Venom. Not bad.

Gonna take a break, then do some more procrastinating later.

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