Happy New Year (GMT), you lovely funny little people in my phone.

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New Black Mirror announced, with possibly the funniest cameo to date.

@RobF I lasted 20 minutes on the Meg and I’m usually a Statham (and Fast Show) fan.

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If Black Mirror Bandersnatch never gets released, imagine how frumious I will be be.

@jeffrey Finished American Gods and watched Venom. Not bad.

Gonna take a break, then do some more procrastinating later.

Well I sure did a lot of procrastinating today.

Couple of days off $DAYJOB, more or less to myself, from tomorrow. I /should/ make a TODO list for my game, but I know I’ll probably end up dicking around and watching TV all day so 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Plan is to build 10 cabinets with the "lost-in-time SquidKidz" version of Death Ray Manta running on it. Plans afoot for custom vinyl artwork too - can't wait :)

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I managed to get DRM running at a solid 30fps on the PS Vita and looking absolutely gorgeous. I really should finish all the levels and get it released - for no other reason than I *love* playing it on the Vita. <3 Vita! (Also, impossible to get nice screenies!)

The VIC20 doesn't get enough t-shirt love IMO, so ... anyway how have you spent your evening?

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