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The VIC20 doesn't get enough t-shirt love IMO, so ... anyway how have you spent your evening?

Definitely going to wear an Atari ST or Spectrum tshirt to that.

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"Intellectual property is theft" is all well and good, but I still need to fucking eat.

There are people who will howl about not getting paid a living wage who won't take steps to ensure the writers and artists whose work they enjoy can afford to eat.

I'm not a corporation. When I write, I retain ownership. My relationship to a publisher isn't employer / employee. So yeah, pirating my work steals food out of MY mouth. Not a corporation. Mine.

So fucking pay me.

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When I woke up this morning I didn't expect to spend my day arguing with a programming language.

But you know... JavaScript and I, we do have very different ideas of scopes.

No Wireframe magazine for me yet. Darn this island living.

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I'm sorry, that wasn't a great joke. Three stars at most.

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Orion's Belt is totally an overrated asterism. It's a complete waist of space.

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Oh, and my copy of Wireframe turned up. New UK mag with a lean toward learning to make games. Seems like a really good start, so worth looking out for:

Some photos from at the weekend. I can't take credit, mostly these were taken by my buddy I was there with.

Leaving for in the morning. First time since 2011. Bit excited now TBH.

Yep. Staring a what should be a simple array lookup and not getting it right. Too tired for this.

Quite the week. Not sure I can be arsed starting dev at 11pm on Thursday.

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