New blog post: Mesh Shader Possibilities! Or why graphics programmers have been yelling about mesh shaders over the last couple weeks.

I've been programming games for ~10 years, 7 years professionally. Started at Disney Mobile where we made the Where's My Water? series. I've been at Industrial Toys now for 3.5 years making mobile FPS games. A general generalist who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything ( design included ).

Non-game related hobbies that I'm mediocre at are cooking and golfing.

Whats up ya'll

I've used Perforce on every work project I've been involved ... I use git (recently enabled lfs in bitbucket) for personal projects but I'm usually the only person working on personal projects so I rarely have to deal with conflicts when using git ... what's the intended workflow for git+lfs when working on a team, particularly when it comes to binary files which is where I've seen the value of using a centralized model like Perforce?

Recently, one of the concept artists at work gave a presentation about color/temperature/value. A lot of it was new to me. I can't share his slides publicly buy Riot has published their VFX style guide which is on the same vein and with more recognizable characters 😉

Worked at Intel for 7 years doing dev relations type work...profiling performance of video games

Joined Industrial Toys in 2014 and have released 2 mobile FPS games ... currently in prototyping phase of our next game and working remotely from Portland(ia)

Working on non-FPS casual game projects on the side and refreshing my graphics knowledge

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