Crown Sterling (crypto) 

I heard about them in the worst ways from the security/cryptography community, but the latest breaking-RSA farce led me to this article:

Money quote:
"The demonstration only raises more skepticism about Grant's work and about Crown Sterling's main thrust—an encryption product called Time AI that Grant claims will use the time signature of AI-generated music to generate "quantum-entangled" keys. "

Holly balls, this guy... *facepalm*


Crown Sterling (crypto) 

Oh man I just took a dive into the Crown Sterling rabbit-hole.

This videos is the best thing ever:

Do not watch while doing dangerous or life preserving activities. Only watch once a year or suffer permanent intelligence damage.

Crown Sterling (crypto) 

@norado I haven't been following along but saw a few Schneier on Security posts pointing out just how laughable this operation appear to be.

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