Panzer Paladin / vestigial Gamedesign 

Just tried out Panzer Paladin

Looks great, incredible soundtrack
Awesome cutscenes
Good game feel, though the mech feels too sluggish and not powerful enough compared to the pilot

But I need to talk about a general Gamedesign thing that happens everywhere, in particular these "retro" games

You do not need to copy old games in terms of their mechanics or UX !!!

We know better now in most cases


Panzer Paladin / vestigial Gamedesign 

Don't have a lives+continue system that erases progress, players are already getting punished by being stuck !

Don't have long levels just for the sake of it, make memorable encounters !

Don't have instant death *and* sparse checkpoints that force you to repeat huge sections !

Don't have offscreen enemies you can't react to !

Please, if you make a game in a "traditional" style, think about what you put in and how you treat players, we can do better



Panzer Paladin / vestigial Gamedesign 


I wrote "vestigial Gamedesign" because that's what this is

Most of these things are just non-functional leftovers from eras with different goals

e g. Continues -> there to make you put in more quarters

Long levels + insta death + sparse checkpoints -> more quarters

None of these lead to a more interesting or rewarding play experience

You can challenge players without disrespecting them and wasting their time

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