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@shivoa we in fact have/had more supply these past ~12-18 months than ever afaik

It just that there has been even more demand than usual (people still more at home, setting up work from home even if it's just 2/5 days a week, companies needing to upgrade etc)

The current issues mostly aren't due to COVID-19 production and logistics issues those mostly went away quite quickly

Its just capitalism being shitty as always

@shivoa the one cool thing that springs to mind that would be interesting on software/job system side is if you could manually state the core where an L2 line gets evicted to as L3

But that's difficult as that cores L2 could be full so you'd need a rule like
"each core needs to be able to hold 1 L3 line of each other core at least and evict it's own L2 or other cores additional L3 lines if needed"

That would allow cases where cores need to access global data to bounce it around round robin

@shivoa oh I get it

What they mean is the core #1 would have a cache line of core #2 which would make it virtual L3

But if Core #1 also needs that data at some point it accesses it like a normal L3 line but with L2 latency

So a core can never have an L3 line belonging to itself as it would just be L2, Except if a cores L2 isn't full but the processor manually evicts it I guess?

This is quite cool

I'm sure the hardware engineers had their fun with this :)

@shivoa hey this is really cool

Though on initial thought I don't think that this would be something you'd think of on the software side

It doesn't do anything different in application than a normal cache

If they can really get this to work well, it would be cool

Though the virtual L4 is cross processor and cross 2 processor unit, so the latency for that would be interesting

I don't really understand how L2 eviction to a virtual L3 on the same cache would work as every line can be L2 ?

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…but personally, I think you should pick up the extra story DLC chapter BATTLE ON THE BIG BOARDWALK for $10 while you’re at it. Support GITCL’s development and get all new items and abilities in this action-packed beach episode!

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My lesbian road trip RPG Get in the Car, Loser! is NOW AVAILABLE! Join Sam Anon on a trip to save the world from an ancient evil, flirt in the backseat, and hit every diner along the road.

The main game is free on Steam and Itch…

@shivoa fully agree

The game isn't the payment

It's the tool/subject you need to do your work in the first place

It's also telling that we have all those gross rent/lease systems for games, where you only get something for a limited time because you got it "cheaper"

While everyone throws around review keys like it's nothing and just completly showing the whole "each illegal download is actively losing/costing us money" B's for the hypocritical nonsense that it is

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My lesbian road trip RPG "Get in the Car, Loser!" will be coming out this September! Learn more at

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Hey so tomorrow (Monday) I'll be part of the Indie Soapbox at GDC 2021. I'll be giving a dense 5-minute talk about peer-to-peer apps, LibP2P, & a project I've been working on which is like Mastodon but one step more decentralized. (Instead of requiring servers to hold accounts, users send data directly to each other over WebRTC.)

I'm not sure if this talk can be watched for free or not. If it turns out not, I'll see if I can upload it to my YouTube. Otherwise it's here:

@shivoa also yes

The automatic LOD generation and intra-cluster LOD stitching is the real magic in nanite

The rest is just really good further engineering of relatively old ideas (AC unity/ trials fusion werw using the mesh clustered rendering in ~2014!)

@shivoa ooh, I hadn't actually factored that in

Yeah so the PS2 could technically render at 1080 >20 years ago, and we now render 4k output at ~that resolution

While triangle counts went from a couple thousand to dozen/hundreds of million and beyond

@shivoa I'm also interested to see if/when graphics hardware will adjust

As subpixel triangles are still bad with (current) hw rasterization and resolutions have grown slower than scene triangle counts

Nanite is apparently at 90+% compute rasterization for high density scenes

That's probably a lot of hardware overhead/ transistors unused

@runevision A lot of mixing/mastering engineers actually prefer headphones

With some good flat-eq ones you can hear the high end quite a bit better than over most monitors

Low end is an issue though

But One other thing to think about if you are making music for an audience/purpose:

How will the average listener listen to it?

For games it's probably headphones

For the rest it is either that or phone speakers

So if you mix your Musik for high-end monitors you might miss most of you audience

@shivoa it has actually been that way for all age restricted videos in YouTube for me

Just can't watch them anymore

(Because no, you don't get a photo of my ID. Which you need to share with a 3rd party for validation anyway because not everybody lives in the US)

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Hey so! I'll be doing a streamed talk at DCG201 (DEFCON New Jersey local) this Friday, 7PM EST, as part of a program on VR tech:

My talk's subject: LOVR.ORG (the open source VR library I use); nuts & bolts of VR dev, and how to get started; my game SKATEGIRL DESTROYS THE UNIVERSE (
@mermaidindustries ); and a look into SKATEGIRL'S internals.

The talk after me (7:30) is by Nevyn Bengtsson, talking about, another LOVR project.

@telepathicFart I've been using godot quite heavily for prototyping, here's my experience

If you want to make a 3D game, use something else
It's not horrible (and 4.0 seems much better) but it really has nothing to offer over competitors

If you make 2D games I recommend using gdscript as it is the most integrated, even though it's not great

If you want to do something crazy (tons of entities etc) you can still use C++ for that

I don't know if I'd ship a game with it, but great for prototypes

@shivoa I thought for a year or more that my new at the time free sync monitor had the worst panel ever (it does have other artifacts due to free sync tech used) or that my eyes were getting totally shot

Turms Out that for some reason, the global 3D sharpening filter setting in the AMD catalyst control Center was set to 0.5 or so by default....

I can now play for more than 10 minutes again before my eyes get completely blurry, yay
*Long sigh*

@shivoa i just spent ~6 months off between jobs to recharge and look for something new

Could not focus on coding for more than an hour in the last 5 months or so

Now I just started my new job (as programmer) and it actually seems to be somewhat fun again and not stressful, so I think the off-time really worked for me

But yeah, also had no escape from my brain trying to solve problems every waking (and sleeping..) hour of the day, but just started to write them down to purge them

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