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Darksiders 3 

I just finished the game and while I had quite a bit of fun all bossfights except the first seem to have been made at last minute without much thought

No interesting design, always just dodge-counter and again, and again...

So fun game with kinda underwhelming end that felt like it never got going beyond it's 2nd act

Also really not as hard as people made it out to be on normal difficulty, but you do need decent reflexes

All in all, had fun

Thoughts on Darksiders 3 

Just stop with all mechanics that erase player progress !! (Lives/continues, game over etc)

It's just punishing the player when they are already at their lowest

Dark souls's syetem is especially bad (I love the game)

The soul loss means that you can lose hours of xp and progress, forces you to go in a direction in a world that tries hard to be open and just adds nothing

I already feel bad about dying and having to do a whole segment of hellish bullshit all over again

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Thoughts on Darksiders 3 

So I am probably not than halfway through this and I really enjoy it.

It is basically dark souls with some Darksiders magic sprinkled on top

But again I have to say that games really like to clone the worst bits of DS.

The mechanic where you loose xp/money on death and have to collect it is still bad and does nothing fun

It isn't as bad as in DS as your ghost don't disappear after dying twice, but it just does nothing for the game but add backtracking to savepoints

So i am playing Dishonored 2 for the first time

All stealth Emily, no powers

It's a really cool game but OMG the visual choices

Why is there dirt everywhere on the screen when the character wears nothing over their eyes ?

Stop with the shitty camera effects when I am looking through the eyes of a person

My glasses are already dirty and distort stuff don't add more of that shit

And ofc you can turn off every effect except that one...

I'm seriously thinking about implementing virtual texturing for my 2D engine

Not sure if I should say "this is exciting!" Or "send help!!"

If you can't rely on sparse hardware textures and texture arrays, this really makes thinking about things easier

But I'll have an expensive baking step for every change to a texture in the game

Hey fellow programmers

Can anybody give me good pointers, for implementing asset streaming

The basic ideas are obvious, but how do you factor in storage latencies, how do you invalidate old data in practice etc.?

Basically as much nitty gritty technicaldetails as I can get


I'm currently writing a possible blog series about dissecting and improving game design formulas.

The first thing I started to work on is megaman, so it would be great if y'all could help me out in finding some of the highlights in this formula for comparison with the 'improved' design ideas I want to present.

What are your favourite megaman (classic, x, zero, zx) stages, weapons/abilities and why?

Just finished the game Forgotten Anne

It's a story-driven puzzle/platformer with a distinctly Ghibli visial style

I really enjoyed the story and the art, character design, writing and voice acting where mostly stunning

The gamplay itself has a few issues with platforming that dos not need to be there and 1-2 frustrating (but doable) puzzles, but it makes you take some interesting decisions

All in all a clear recommendation from me


Oh my god

Thats one of the cleanest knockouts in a long time, damn

Masvidal vs lawler next please

Feel bad for Till

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I normally don't write about martial arts here

But holy hell, Till and Masvidal both looking incredible

This is fun

If my previous toot was too vague

Buy the game 'baba is you'

Easily one of the best puzzle games I ever played

And yes I played the witness, ssr, talos etc.

The amount of perfect design decisions they havr made that could have been bad when done slightlx differently is astounding

And I'm probably not even halfway through

Just so, so, so good

Buy it, buy it

Hey to everyone knowledgeable about SIMD

Is there a way to compare each element of a vector of bytes against a comparison byte (the same for each) and store the result in a byte, with on bit for each compared element indicating true or false ?

Devil May Cry 5 

So I just finished this the first time.

Gameplay is great, classic dmc for dante, a very interesting new playstyle for the 3rd character and a weaker feeling nero because his specials are ressources

Emo character design is awful

Level design sucks, just strings of arenas

basically only ruined city, and weird hell tree as environments

Some good boss fights but too few of them

Story is average fanservice

Shitty IAP system

Mission grade not judged by time (yay)

I had fun

Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice 

As the latest main ace attorney game they really did a good job combining all the best mechanics from previous games, even though they use some only once or twice.

They also have a lot of quality-of-life improvements, like telling you when you inspected everything necessary on a screen, better checkpoints, making it clear which screen to visit next etc.

Now I want to make a game like that, just with more complex dialog/court graphs to remove some chores

This is a new comic by programmer Casey Muratori (mainly known for HandmadeHero, his work on popularzing ImGui and the Bink and Granny software by rad gametools) and awesome artist Anna Rettberg

It's about a girl and a space cat going interstallar adventures.

It is completely free to read but you can buy it in exchange for high-res versions and early access

Read it, enjoy it, support them

Gmail mobile - UI degradation 

This is worsened by the fact that you just have to single tap for deselect

So the default action you almost always want to do is now more prone to user error and requires more effort than the rare undo

You can really tell that all these modern interfaces are not designed by people used to systematic thinking and analysis

Besides the fact that they disregarded ancient knowledge about ui design, also failing at their actual job/skillset

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Gmail mobile - UI degradation 

So gmail updated their android app and changed the selection UI to delete, archive etc.for the worse.

Until now you could select a single mail by touching and holding it for a second or two and for more you just single tapped on them

Now you have to hold and tap again for each additional mail you select

This is just strictly worse
If you want to delete 1 thing it is the same effort as before, but for multiple it is always worse

Great job..

Music - Dream Theater 

So I listened to the new record a couple times during work today and there is skne really good stuff here nothing mind blowing, but I quite like the no-nonsense to-the-point style and length here

Also a lot more classic rock, groove, influences, pretty cool

It also sounds really good, except for the shitton of chorus and/or autotune on labries (already pretty quitely mixed voice) voice

It's really a shame how distracting the vocal production is

Music - Devin Townsend 

So Devin hust released his new track Genesis and holy shit, he's firing everything he has here, like 30 songs in one, ludicrous transitions that somehow work really well.

Theres cat noises, cows mooing, death metal riffs, disco and everything else

It's genius, but watch the video with the song that really helps to explain that yes, his intentions are as crazy as the sounds

I just love this human being..

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