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Rust question 

I tried to implement some generic math types (vectors etc.) And found that the whole bounds thing is pretty terrible.

If I have a function with some 'where' constraints and want to use it, the using Functions also have to fulfill the bounds themselves.

Is there a possibility to combine all those bound in a trait or type etc where I can then just write

Fn X<T> (a: T)
Where T : bounds_type

Instead of having to write

Fn Y<T> (a: T)
T: trait1,
T: trait2,


Unexepcted success 

Wow, I just added a second SSD to my desktop and had to remove, resize and move partitions all over the place

Used a fedora live disk and blivet-gui

And man, everything just worked and was smooth and fast

Grub2 even recognized the windows bootloader on the other disk by itself

Good job everyone I guess :)

So I tried to play FF15 on PC

It did not play sound when connecting my controller via USB
-> ok, use Bluetooth

Asks you for a separate tutorial, which is really slow and bad and looks bad
Also just horrible Gamedesign

The Battlesystem automates everything that could be fun

Ok just start the campaign

Useless in media res opening
Long cutscene
Long load screen
Come have fun pushing a car

-> uninstalled

How are modern games this much worse than 30 year old games ?

Covid-19 / Shopping 

On good thing about the situation is that people are buying all the fast-food so I am forced to eat healthy

If the food supply keeps up I might be in really good shape when this finishes

The awesome author N.K. Jemisin is currently streaming on twitch to chill out during quarantine and raise funds for US foodbanks

She is playing Skyrim and goes around stealing cheese from people (only complete wheels!!)

So if that sounds fun check it out:

It's a weird time so I decided to make some weird music

This was trying to be as minimal as possible while making something interesting with sounds

I took this as an opportunity to play around with synths (dexed here) as I am mostly a guitar and metal guy

Turned out to be somewhat like the endless space soundtracks (which I love)

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Gothic Remake 

I just found out that there is a demo of a potential Gothic 1 remake.


They changed the intro scene to be more dramatic.

They made the main character talk to himself all the time and the writing is laughably bad.

They have cutscenes every few seconds in the intro.

They have you fight 3 snappers and the battle system sucks.

They restrict where you can walk and climb.

I stopped playing.

The people making this may love Gothic but don't get what made it great.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 

The game starts with an 'in media res' cutscene Lara can't possibly survive

Cuts to '2 weeks earlier' in the next cutscene

Goes directly into a 'hammer this button really fast' QTE

Fuck everybody who is responsible for this

I'm really tempted to turn this shit off

It's hard to get me MAD at a game but this hit a 10/10 on the 'i want to punch my screen'

I'm not the biggest bill Gates fan

But the fact that Windows locks your PC for updates and tells you "don't turn off your computer" ON SHUTDOWN would have gotten someone (rightfully) shot when he was around

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Hi there if you are in America I suggest you ASAP contact your congressperson and ask them to oppose the CASE act, a weird copyright bill being voted on tomorrow


Verge article:

Short version: Now in addition to normal courts plus the DMCA there'd be this new weird copyright quasi-court. By my read if notice is served and you don't respond within 60 days you could get hit with a $15,000 fine as default judgement. Sounds really easy to abuse.

I'm playing battlefield 1 currently and it's weird how the pre-rendered cutscenes are so compressed or low res that they look significantly worse than in-game graphics

Crown Sterling (crypto) 

Oh man I just took a dive into the Crown Sterling rabbit-hole.

This videos is the best thing ever:

Do not watch while doing dangerous or life preserving activities. Only watch once a year or suffer permanent intelligence damage.

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Crown Sterling (crypto) 

I heard about them in the worst ways from the security/cryptography community, but the latest breaking-RSA farce led me to this article:

Money quote:
"The demonstration only raises more skepticism about Grant's work and about Crown Sterling's main thrust—an encryption product called Time AI that Grant claims will use the time signature of AI-generated music to generate "quantum-entangled" keys. "

Holly balls, this guy... *facepalm*

C++ rage 

I just learned that a constexpr function can be evaluated at runtime instead of compile time without emiting any diagnostic...

Why is everything in this language fucked to such an extent ?

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sexual assault 

Believe survivors of assault. Stand by them when they have the courage to stand up and speak about their trauma.

I usually don't post a lot outside tech or game related stuff, but I feel that this is important.

Here's one of the best MMA fighters in the world (who's 28 and also streams games on twitch) talking about depression in one of the best and most opens ways I've seen.

This is a good reminder that a lot of people deal with the same things and that it's good to shed light on it.

For people that feel they don't understand deep depression or never had it, watch this

Anodyne 2 - initial impressions

Love the style

Love the music

This games world building is *super* weird, I really like it

Not able to rebind controls when using a controller is really strange and disappointing

The perfectly anti-aliased text really clashes with the pixellated art

The non-game menu design is quite bad

Way, way, way too much exposition and player hand holding

Players are smart you don't need to spell out everything 3 times

Also the writing has no subtlety at all


Reinstalling Elder scrolls online

- Download 80+ gb
- custom installer that takes additional disk space and a couple mins
- launcher:
- 1. download xxx mb
- 2. Install to 10x space
- 3. Goto 1.

This is ridiculous, if you already build your game with modular dlc support why the hell can't I select which content to install and why aren't patches bundled and delta-ed ?

Guild wars did more than this 15 years ago, it's emberassing

What the hell is up with the search widget every website has nowadays where it's the magnifying glass and on click you get a search bar *that does NOT get keyboard focus* ??

How is anybody using this and thinking it's fine ?

Or is Firefox screwing me ? IDK

But every single goddamn time I click on it and start typing, only to loudly curse seconds later

It's *so* unintuitive to me

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