I’ve been enjoying reading all day, so I’ll join in. I’m an ex-Unity developer doing an indie game. I started in the game industry about 20 years ago as an artist and recently co-organized the Game AI North conference in Copenhagen. I’m almost always happy to talk about art and code, and if you get me talking about making tools that empower creativity (specifically design for user/tool co-adaptation and artificial intelligence) I probably won’t shut up.

Wow, “ex-Unity developer” is sort of ambiguous - I was once a developer of the software that I am currently using.

@nulldiver Nah, I think most people will understand the ex-Unity. Somehow we're used to expecting a former employer when seeing ex-..

@npatsiouras I could just be a really disgruntled former user who makes a point of always saying that I don’t use that anymore. You never know 😉

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