Oh, hey, so @AngryAnt - we're doing this IrritatedInsects thing with inexplicable dinosaur logos, right? I'm in...

@ricardojmendez @AngryAnt but who will join AngryAnt and MadMantis in the ? GrumpyGrasshopper? CrossCricket? BotheredBeetle?

@nulldiver @AngryAnt Disturbed Drone? Ruffled Roach? Ticked-off Tick? Furious Flea?

(Realized you already had Cross Cricket among your #irritatedinsects)

@ricardojmendez @AngryAnt I made the mistake of thinking about before going to bed and then spent 2 hours awake trying to complete an alphabet. I'm not going down that path again.

@nulldiver Most definitely!

Just being mysterious doesn’t seem sufficient though. And a band or biker gang seems a lot of hassle.

Something food related perhaps?

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