Oh, and for 2018 I have a request - if there is anything that I can do to help you achieve your goals this year, let me know. Reach out and let me know, and I'll see what I can do to help!

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So there are 3.5 hours to go here in 2017... dinner is done and we're having cocktails. Happy New Year to you - wishing you a fantastic '18!

It becomes difficult to write a serious recommendation for a friend when you start with "After awhile, yeh come to expect that when a man walks around town callin' hemself a 'coder', he might know a code er two. But I'll be damned if the kid don't know all the codes... an' when to use 'em too." and then all subsequent attempts at being serious are voiced by 'the Stranger' from the Big Lebowski in your head. Hmmm... Saturday December 30th... I think I may be spent for the year.

@kyatt7 wow, quite possibly the best cheerleading/telegraph game ever made!

@ricardojmendez @AngryAnt I made the mistake of thinking about before going to bed and then spent 2 hours awake trying to complete an alphabet. I'm not going down that path again.

@ricardojmendez @AngryAnt but who will join AngryAnt and MadMantis in the ? GrumpyGrasshopper? CrossCricket? BotheredBeetle?

@grumpygamer I can only assume that their choice means that posting to public timelines is intentionally the default.

Again, was attempting to make inferences based on how Mastodon differed from my specific expectations when I first started using it, not based on what is the correct thing for them to have done. My most similar experience to Mastodon had been on Twitter where the idea of a public timeline doesn't exist, so by default Tweets are closer to what Mastodon calls an "unlisted" toot.

@shana I didn't think it was a universal expectation or that Mastodon did it in any way wrong. But I do know that a lot of users migrated here from Twitter where the idea of "Local timeline" doesn't exist as it does here.

@grumpygamer there is a little globe below where you write that toggles how your toots are made public and or put in everyone else's timeline. As for why you would or wouldn't want something posted to the local timeline for everybody...I guess that will depend on how you come to use Mastodon. I can't even give you a tip based on what works for me, because I haven't found a balance that feels right.

@grumpygamer not "wrong"... just not what my expectations were based on how other social media works. I guess my initial expectation was that what I toot was the equivalent of what I would say in a public space but at a table with friends - anyone could be listening, but there is assumed context. Mastodon, however, treats it like standing up in the room and shouting it for everybody present.

@shana also, this just reaffirms my "why I don't community" general philosophy. People suck. When I say "X" I try my best to mean "X and only X"... not "X and wink wink Y" and naively assume others do the same. I don't know how anyone puts up with that crap.

@grumpygamer my expectation when I started using Mastodon (based on Twitter as the closest mainstream analogy) was that by default, what I wrote was public but not broadcast. I assume others may have a similar expectation.

@shana you're right - I should be more mindful. It is too easy to forget that selectively ignoring subtext is an un-earned luxury, not a universal position. In this case, I think you're projecting intent onto Emil, but whether the subtext was intended or brought along with the receiver as baggage from other communities and interactions is irrelevant when measured by consequences.

@shana but not all questions are leading and sometimes a tip is just a tip... I feel like you're projecting a lot of intent and frustration on to things. And maybe it is there and I'm being naive, I don't know... but simply assuming it is sort of assumes the worst in people.

@shana ps. btw, that was a "it is seriously like that in the Linux world?" not a "you're seriously saying that" ;-)

@shana seriously? I'm not familiar enough with the world of open source toxicity to know much about that... but it felt like a stretch to chastise someone for policing when they were pointing out that toots are publicly broadcast on the local timeline by default, which very well could be counter to a new user's expectations (especially after a series of toots that hint that it might be the case). But whatever... I just know that my reaction was the naive interpretation of what Emil posted.

@shana also... policing @AngryAnt's use of mastodon by chastising him for policing other people's use of mastodon? That was awesome - meta irony achievement unlocked!

@shana That is a bit presumptuous regarding intent: Ron had made the standard new user UI observations and a tweet addressing followers - my take was the same as Emil's: that I wasn't sure if he was aware of the degree of publicness that Toots had. It is, after all, different than what a new user might expect based on assumptions from twitter.

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