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I'm still unsure about participating in Ludum Dare. I never really go a good idea for the theme, and as the day went on, my project diverged further and further from it... BUT I'm having fun and am still treating this as a 48 hour demo weekend. Worst case, I'll have explored some game mechanics that I might get to make into something real some day.

For those participating in this weekend, have a look at my games browser. In-browser instant full text search of all games from LDs 15 through 39. Good to get some inspiration from by searching for some relevant keywords. Good luck, everyone!

I'm strongly considering doing LD40 this weekend... works relatively well with family schedule and I could really use the 48 hour "break" from work. Anyone else in?

Can't say I'm entirely shocked (randomised prizes paid for with real money & no limit on spending in products that can target children) the EU could follow other places with regulating elements of game monetisation.

Any recommendations for online communities or resources (tutorial sites, knowledge dumps, etc.) focused on technical animators?

Upgraded a tool to what is easily the least stable version since I started using it a decade ago. Almost incomprehensibly bad.

😒 Second clone and full project re-import of the day, so at 9:30 tonight I'm basically watching the same fun progress bars that I started watching at 9:30 this morning. Upgrades are fun. Game development is fun.

Wow, nice suggestions — I added a few to my wishlist! At the moment, I’m (slowly) re-reading “Computational Geometry - Algorithms and Applications” but mostly I’ve just accumulated a longish stack of white papers to read.

Wow, “ex-Unity developer” is sort of ambiguous - I was once a developer of the software that I am currently using.

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I’ve been enjoying reading all day, so I’ll join in. I’m an ex-Unity developer doing an indie game. I started in the game industry about 20 years ago as an artist and recently co-organized the Game AI North conference in Copenhagen. I’m almost always happy to talk about art and code, and if you get me talking about making tools that empower creativity (specifically design for user/tool co-adaptation and artificial intelligence) I probably won’t shut up.

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