Attempting to get my hands on a 3080 this morning turned out to be a collosal failure. No anti-bot measures on any Canadian retailers = no stock after seconds of going up. Did anyone manage to get one?

@obsoke My vague check of the UK online was sites falling over with volume of traffic & zero stock (quickly replaced with inflated prices as retailers announced the expected delivery dates of their next batches from each manufacturer & the start of queues). Hopefully Samsung are running at full capacity.

@shivoa Darn, that seems to have been the story all over. What a silly "launch" from Nvidia. I'm seeing some 3080s on local classified sites going for $700 over retail price & screenshots of people ordering like 20 FEs directly from Nvidia with some bot help. Looks like most of us will have to wait.

@obsoke Ye, sounds like nVidia didn't judge demand correctly (or got spooked by low initial sales for the 20 Series last time) and now are going to be manually going over their direct sales to try & reject bot orders / scalpers. PR talking up "ensuring only legitimate customers get cards", which I last remember them talking about during the bitcoin era.

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