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@obsoke Just to comment on the 'Lua in a big project'. Assassin's Creed Pirate (for example), is 80% Lua. In the end/polish phase, you may have to dive in the VM to pinpoint bottlenecks (on very big projects). It's fast (with JIT) and super easy to interface. Super flexible, not always easy to debug without the right tools.

A blog post in which I agonize over choosing a framework/engine to use for my next project:

Anyone else have trouble with choices like this? Am I spending too much time over-analyzing?

Time to pack my bags and move to the province of Metroidvania.

What better way to motivate oneself to work on a new project other than starting a public devlog!

Now to answer the eternal question of "Game Engine vs Framework?"...

Spent a while trying to figure out why the first step of my ray tracer image wasn't rendering correctly. Turns out I had a + instead of a * in one position in my dot product function...

Stupid mistakes are stupid! Ah well, at least it works and it feels goooooooood!

Been going through Gabriel Gambetta's Computer Graphics from Scratch aaand I'm confused about some

In the included picture... Is the second equation's double bars supposed to signify absolute value or magnitude/length of vector? Context makes it seem like the latter but I thought that was double bars?

The third equation: is there a reason the parens have sharp angles? Why is there a comma instead of a * (multiplication)?

Would appreciate any pointers in the right direction!

Hi! I'm Dale, an amateur game developer from Toronto. I'm interested in writing games with Rust. I've made a few but nothing more than learning projects. I'm also interested in graphics development with WebGL. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff people are working out, and meeting new like-minded people!

I'm also looking for people to learn about graphics programming/WebGL with - let me know if interested!

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