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Octopedro Soluções @octopedro@mastodon.gamedev.place

I'm not dead! There will be news. I promise!

I've spent the last weekend working on a local (brazilian) patreon thing because some people wanted to donate to me. I was thinking about making an international one (patreon, I guess) but I don't really know if I'd have any support on it and I could spend the time on other stuff.

If you'd like to contribute, give me a heads up and I may end up making one :)

Eu: vou abrir o play music e colocar música pra dormir Finalmente :)

Google play: tá aqui músicas pra acordar!

Poxa, me stalkeia direito pfv

Will anybody ever use any of my code? Most likely no.

But hey, at least it is proper.

So I just updated all my repositories with licenses. Almost half of those commits are just the licenses.

[screenshot of my github profile page showing "created 76 commits in 13 repositories]


Hey, most of my games on github have no license at all and I need to fix it.

I'd like to make all code freely available but not the assets. Anybody knows of a good for that or have any pointer on how to mash one up myself?

Quick update: My jam game was a failure but I'll keep working on it cuz it was too good to discard.The game is kinda of a snake clone poking fun at captalism made in . Scnreecshots soon!

You can check the progress here: github.com/ardydo/pizzajam

Well, my jam game failed horibly but I'll not be giving up on it. I'll make it in kinda of a full game and publish it on itch so, yay!

My wifi adapter decided decided to not work... until it was exactly 16h... when the jam endend. I just hate everything sometimes

There are 3h to go. I have mostly a pile of broken code and no game. I'm in the point that I'm programing out loud hoping that something divines listen to me and help me with code. Help.

that toot should have the and on it but I failed as usual. hahah

[A lil'pixel pig!]

It's cute. It gets weirder when stretched but it's k.

It's not perfect but I don't have more time to work on it right now.


Feels great to be working on some games finally! I'll be using . It will be my first time using Godot 3 and I have less than 24 able hours to finish the game so I'm pretty excited!

After a long (and deserved) break. I'm back! I'm making a game for ! The theme is really REALLY wide (movement) but I think I've got a pretty good idea and I'm running with it. It will probably cost me any chances of winning it but hey, it's fine.

Hey! I'm back! For real this time! I'm being comissioned to work on something really nice! More information to follow :)

If you have any good obscure games to suggest I’m in too. I’ve played most well known tactics games I could access (that means up to ps2 cuz I can’t really afford any newer consoles) so if you know any hidden gem let me know!