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To ride these streets you gotta know nuclear alchemy. If you mix the burnin' tarmac with high-octane adrenaline just right; you can fly. But slip the slightest and you'll be nothin' but stains.

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🇫🇷 Celui qui nous fournit une légende

🇺🇸 The one that comes with a caption

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Le compte du suspendu !!!
Apparemment il vaut mieux tweeter raciste et homophobe que d’interpeller les députés au sujet d la réforme des retraites actuellement en débat à l’Assemblée Nationale.
Tout va bien @TwitterFrance@twitter.com ????

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Everything we(I & @Shintery_music@twitter.com)saw about the @playdate@twitter.com really bumps our imagination!
We are developing a game that's already quite advanced, we have more to show you could any of you follow us so that we can give you more info?
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This software forces me to share on twitter to download it. I don't like it sorry guys. ; )

RT @MoArtis@twitter.com: I disagree so much... Counter example: Video games. Many developers got burn out on something they are passionate about. Don't undermine the impact of bad management and peer pressure. twitter.com/JGamblin/status/10
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RT @Bill_Gross@twitter.com: The emotional journey of creating anything great requires crossing the dark swamp of despair..

Outsiders almost never see the crazy belief and persistence required to cross that chasm..
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