This software forces me to share on twitter to download it. I don't like it sorry guys. ; )

RT I disagree so much... Counter example: Video games. Many developers got burn out on something they are passionate about. Don't undermine the impact of bad management and peer pressure.

RT The emotional journey of creating anything great requires crossing the dark swamp of despair..

Outsiders almost never see the crazy belief and persistence required to cross that chasm..

dear imgui 1.61 released: better double/u64/s64/u32 support, better %e/%g formats support, .ini loading/saving from/to memory, merging sparse overlapped fonts, safe area padding fixes, columns fixes etc..

RT Jérôme Darnaudet, alias Lord Casque noir, nous a quitté après un long combat contre la maladie.
Il était cofondateur, "CEO des thunes" et figure historique de Canard PC.
On est super dégoûtés.

RT Role gate is one month old today and I am happy :)

I made this infographic, summarizing the first month in numbers:

An extract of it:

RT Imagine an FPS Farming Game!

- shotgun seeds into the ground
- tend your crops with a water gun
- the game you never knew you wanted, amirite
- don't worry, I got you fam

RT Mike Acton approximator:
1. Can we not do this at all?
2. Can we do this only once?
3. Can we do this fewer times?
4. Can we approximate the results so no one notices?
5. Can we use a small lookup table?
6. Can we use a small FIFO?
6. Can we constrain the problem further?

RT John Schoenherr’s artwork for ‘The Illustrated Dune’ (1978). Frank Herbert did not only praise his illustrations as "careful and accurate", he was so impressed with them that he once referred to Schoenherr as "the only man who has ever visited Dune"

We've just launched our class action campaign against GAFAM. « These first steps will, over the long term, pave the way to steadily counter the world they are trying to force on us. »

That is so sad: employers even in France can get away with anything, even re-writing employees contract behind their backs. How is society even holding together when criminals are not punished?

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