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RT @stjv_fr@twitter.com: Les grévistes d'Eugen Systems répondent au communiqué de leur direction : stjv.fr/2018/02/511/

RT @Rpergent@twitter.com: Okay, let's do this today.

I've been wanting to do it earlier, but I was busy... you know... trying not to fail too hard.

RT @FibreTigre@twitter.com: j'ai l'impression que dans notre monde

bien dormir chaque nuit > être milliardaire

Sadened my last tweet/toot didn't get more interactions. Are you guys scared or do you thing striking is bad?

My full support to @EugenSystems@twitter.com employees who are on strike as of this morning to protest against massive irregularities regarding payments and more.

RT @lukOlejnik@twitter.com: Wow. France wants to make private companies liable for security defects in products. After end of of support - to make source code available. France will take the discussion on the international level.

I recommand my friend's @Rpergent@twitter.com blog post about CDProjekt Red
"3 years of my personal life virtually disappeared.
If you ask me to tell you my life story from my 23 to 26 years old, it’s basically The Witcher 3"

RT @MSFTImagine@twitter.com: In need of a little ? Try out these awesome pixel tutorials created by @saint11@twitter.com: msft.social/t41QNN

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@oeildelance No it will use xml to define programs. But if I was to define the lore I would choose audio tape as the hardware to store programs.

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I've completed six of the characters without any animation. Now it's time to draw other half :)

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RT @TheRujiK@twitter.com: Working on real-time growth and mutations. Pupa -> Salamander -> Creepy thing

RT @thorn_bulle@twitter.com: En 1892, deux femmes se sont battues en duel (à l'épée) pour une histoire d'arrangement floral. Et accessoirement, pour éviter que les plaies s'infectent à cause d'un vêtement sale, elles étaient topless : steemit.com/history/@getonthet

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@oeildelance The graph is very constrained, so there is only 1 way to reach any point, so I didn't have to worry about shortest. A flood fill with increasing "cost" values at each node would have worked too. The Graph is 3 horizontal Floors with 1 vertical passage (elevator) in the middle.

RT @Rpergent@twitter.com: My first blog post will be about the reason why I left CDProjekt and started my own business.

I am preparing a plan for all the blog posts, to make sure that there is some outtakes from each of them :)

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So uhhh... I may suddenly have a need for x64 assembly skills...

I've never done any assembly programming - what's the fastest learning path I can take?

RT @gnomeslair@twitter.com: Hey all! Finished a contract, and am looking for freelance work as game urbanist, virtual city planner/consultant. I've worked on cities for projects like The Sinking City, and with lovely people like Irresponsible Games. RTs deeply appreciated. Thanks! game-cities.com/