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i'm playing around with some t-shirt designs :) would anyone be actually interested in something like this?

Mario Strikers: Battle League is nice, especially the actual gameplay. But it is not great. There is absolutely not enough content and it lacks a solo player online ranking.

YES, i'm back with more abstract stuff with today's #PixelArt! Phone wallpapers included, naturally :) ENJOY!

Do you want to buy a t-shirt, mousepad or a mug with this art? Then go here:

Thank you all so much for your support, you are all AMAZING! ❤️

Aaaaahhhh! Got 5 reviews already! 😱 Half of that magic number! Thank you!

If you played and liked the game, please consider leaving a review 🥰

If you haven't yet, Hatchwell is 15% off on Steam!

#gamedev #pixelart #arpg #gamemaker #indiegame #indiedev #zeldalike

Hatchwell is out (Congrats and playable on #Steam! Looking forward to digging in this evening. #indiegame


🎮 If you'd like to request a copy of the game, please visit the game's web page!

✍️ Press Kit:

🎶 Thanks to @pandoriafalls for creating the music for Hatchwell:

❤️ And thank you for checking the game!

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Hatchwell is Out Now on Steam!

A threat returns, and you are the destined hero. Run around Hatchwell and see it change... for the worse!

The town is at risk! Can you help everyone and save your home?

(Links in thread)

#gamedev #pixelart #indiegame #arpg #indiegame #indiedev #zeldalike #steam

I'll take a couple of days off of . I'm starting to feel burnt out. Can't let that happen.


Holy shoot! Hatchwell is releasing tomorrow! I'm not nervous! You're nervous! 🥲

Wishlist my little action RPG on Steam so you'll get notified tomorrow!

📹 (Trailer vid in thread)

#gamedev #gamemaker #pixelart #arpg #indie #indiegame #indiedev #steam #zeldalike

i have no idea how to find a consistent style, how do you do it? D: #artbrave #mastoart #help #pixelart

Final Fantasy Adventure / Mystic Quest did not age well.

Word of the day: DESIDERATE - to long for something you once had

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