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(Inspired by a toot: “dad jokes are powerful spells”)

Mordrius grinned as the Dad Joke Wizard struggled to free himself from the vine cage. “You are beaten, Dad Joke Wizard! You will never cast your most powerful spell on me!”

“Why is that?” Dad Joke Wizard feebly murmured, his power depleted.

“Because,” chortled Mordrius, “I am always one step ahead!

Dad Joke Wizard grinned as Mordrius realized his fatal mistake.


“Hello, Always One Step Ahead.”


“I’m Dad!”


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Youtube is the world's most horrifyingly effective engine for luring naive men into reactionary politics but it can't tell after years of me telling it otherwise that I want to watch cute animal videos but never ever ever want to see a video of an animal being hurt or hurting someone.

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verizon throttling california firefighters Show more

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We took the kids to the King Tut exhibit at the LA Science Center the other day; it felt like walking through the design doc for a bestselling roguelike based on the Ancient Egyptian afterlife.

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« I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of infomercials and then asked it to write an infomercial of its own. Here is the first page. »

— Retweet

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Kanova, the 3D sculpting program for desktop and VR from The Foundry is out on Steam and you can download it for free:

This is what I’ve been working on for over a year now and I’m very excited (and a bit scared) to see it out in the wild!

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Been busy since my last visit!

We have SDL2 and PhysicsFS ported to the Nintendo Switch! If you have Switch access at, hit me up for source code!

Also, I wrote a single-C-file, zlib-licensed OpenAL 1.1 implementation:

I build these things with support from my patrons, so if you like these things, throw in a few dollars!

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Dear Unity users, is anyone aware of a msgpack-rpc implementation that is generally stable or at least usable? :D

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Our Wakeful Hoodie kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close. You need new clothes? What a coincidence, we need more backers! #wakefulhoodie #colorful #wolf #animal #art #patterns

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These have been some programming thoughts. I really enjoy computer programming, it's a delight!!!

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I'm excited to finally have the new luxe engine website up, detailing what we've been up to with the engine!

You can see it all here! as always thoughts and feedback more than welcome


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if any of you are going to GDC please come to my talks, they're gonna be good

Alternative Paths in Indie Dev, in which i will explain how i made thirty games last year while remaining healthy and making work i was legitimately proud of (and also talk a little about meatpunks) (

Procedural Regeneration: Matching the World to the Player, in which about four minutes in I say "this is where the talk takes a hard left into mad science" and then follow through (

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An example of how Godot can do tidy organization of a large & complex project in multiple scene files, with different persons being responsible for each.

Unlike other engines, everyone can work on their own files (using version control) without stepping on each other's toes.

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Hello, frendos!

Remember the terminal I talked about? Well I just released it to the wild (on

There are tests, examples, whatever you need;

Have fun!

(Also here's a gif of my input example for you, who like gifs!)

#dev #gamedev

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Golang is unusual because in most languages the type system tells you when you made a mistake, but in Golang the type system tells you when Rob Pike made a mistake.

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