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« I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of infomercials and then asked it to write an infomercial of its own. Here is the first page. »

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@technomancy Yeah man, Deepness in the Sky was a *radical* opening. So many thoughts and so much action. Then it kinda teetered around. By the end I just sorta felt *helpless*. But honestly in a good way.
I never read the other story but I'd love to read more stories with some of these core concepts.

@technomancy *gasp* pardon me...

key takeaway and I'll delete the other toot:
Plenty of really interesting threads of thought and imagery in the books... but the sum total was sucky for me.
Lemme know how you like it at the end!

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Kanova, the 3D sculpting program for desktop and VR from The Foundry is out on Steam and you can download it for free:

This is what I’ve been working on for over a year now and I’m very excited (and a bit scared) to see it out in the wild!

@vilya This is dream job material. So awesome!!! Congrats!

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@Tak I loathe Java and it's ecosystem. *loathe*

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Been busy since my last visit!

We have SDL2 and PhysicsFS ported to the Nintendo Switch! If you have Switch access at, hit me up for source code!

Also, I wrote a single-C-file, zlib-licensed OpenAL 1.1 implementation:

I build these things with support from my patrons, so if you like these things, throw in a few dollars!

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Dear Unity users, is anyone aware of a msgpack-rpc implementation that is generally stable or at least usable? :D

@neon @jon_valdes If you made your own you may be able to lean on yoga for layout stuff.

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Our Wakeful Hoodie kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close. You need new clothes? What a coincidence, we need more backers! #wakefulhoodie #colorful #wolf #animal #art #patterns

@sinbad @akien ogre was ahead of it's time! In grad school I pushed to make it a standard feature of our lab hoping that might end up as a bit of side channel NSF funded development. The lab opted for an in-house framework tho.

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These have been some programming thoughts. I really enjoy computer programming, it's a delight!!!


For those who need to Google like me :D

Pretty interesting stuff

@abyrd well done! That took guts!

@abyrd WOW did they steal something from you or for someone else? How long was the wait?

@khalladay What's the alternative for these cases? weak_ptr?

I never know when people are anti shared_ptr due to it's implementation or the broader pattern of a bit of reference counted data living in multiple lifetimes of a library/program.