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Fast procedural fluid-like animated 3D noise, allowing for much nicer volumetric shading (should run close to 60fps at 1080p) See in motion: shadertoy.com/view/3l23Rh

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Parution d'été dans la collection : "Littératures du jeu vidéo", actes du colloque de juin 2018 à @ENS_ULM@twitter.com ! Parution en partenariat avec @InGameENS@twitter.com et @Univ_BFC@twitter.com.
Disponible dès aujourd'hui en précommande ! lataupemedite.michelzevaco.com

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What happens when you combine the fluid dynamics from Sprinkle with stochastic transparency? This!

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Our exhibition at @_SMoCA@twitter.com is officially open 🌿
Digital touch through the mobile app appears in the space, physical movement from the gallery reflects back in the app, whether you're onsite or off.
The art experience reaching beyond the confines of museum walls.

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I built a Cornell Box to display my Utah Teapot! It's made of foam core, construction paper, and some hot glue. It looks so strange in real life, like a hologram more than a real object. Totally worth the effort!

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A Portal demo in I did a while ago. I have no idea where the code is, but I was using the 3.0 unstable branch and the old physics engine, so this may not work in the current version.

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Animated meshes as particles!

Why yes it is one draw call! The animation is done gpu side.

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ROOM 237 by @DoomCube@twitter.com & @Patlegoman@twitter.com: buff.ly/2WaJp1r

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Here's a simple Fire Shader that you can use in your games.

> Shader here (available for all!): patreon.com/posts/26900411

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I'll be at Libre Graphics Meeting again later this month in Saarbrücken, Germany. I'm leading a workshop on live-coding graphics with Processing in @PraxisLIVE@twitter.com libregraphicsmeeting.org/2019/ Hopefully lots more PraxisLIVE and @ProcessingOrg@twitter.com related discussion too @LGMeeting@twitter.com

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The more I look at this image the more amazing it gets.

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My favorite comment so far:
"When we create something, we care for it. If we could experience the creation of nature, would we care more about it?"
With @wilatwood@twitter.com and @gloom303@twitter.com, + @LeapMotion@twitter.com

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Here's a non-animated view of the Godot MIDI keyboard input demo in action. Source code available here: github.com/follower/godot-midi

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