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tech demo of , a cpp lib for @godotengine@twitter.com to transform meshes into dynamic objects vimeo.com/groups/godotengine/v @polymorphcool

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Not a pretty gif, but CPU particles work. Godot particles use transform feedback (run on GPU), so they don't work on OpenGL ES 2.0. This is an alternative (harcoded) particle system, so particles can still be used on mobile, WebGL1, etc. Supports most ParticlesMaterial features.

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In green, countries who are parties to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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.@unity@twitter.com hi I noticed you automatically collect my players' hardware, play time, play frequency, session length, full information about their computer in all my games, but you only allow Pro licensees to disable that. How can I disable this with a regular free license?

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I got this “pocket developer” die and I love it so much

Sisyphus avatar is no able to sit gently on its cube, slowly morphing! It is visible here > sisyphus.technofle.sh, devlogs on frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus - in collaboration with simone niquille (technofle.sh)

basis of the Sisyphus webapp in collaboration with Simone Niquille is visible here frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus and here phus.technofle.sh - still a lot to do and not much time left...

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It seems to work now, so I have all weekend to polish and optimize.

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Having more fun with @godotengine@twitter.com !!!

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Still playing with approaches to creating cave tunnels for . Did a quick cave wall sculpt in and mixing it with scattered rock meshes. Here is a viewport test out of Godot. These should be quite fun to fly down!

"Transi, chubby and caballo" will be running tonight at Brotaru, the monthly indie game meetup in - facebook.com/bxl.otaru/ (fb, i know...)

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Still looking for a few testers for the Steam Beta! Help me decide what should be BUFFED (your favorite weapons, of course) and what should be NERFED TO DEATH.

There's some friendly competition in the Leaderboards going on!