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Just got alpha access to EmberGen by @JangaFX@twitter.com and it's so unbelievably fun. can't wait till there's a way to export this to blender btw this is running in real-time 🤯

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However, if you are more careful in providing structural support you'll get curvy brick arches instead and you can build these neat airy cathedral structures

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Kids, if anyone ever questions your "computer art" please point them to what 95 year old has to say.

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collab with @NojBarker@twitter.com ....

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Full real-time global illumination in this screenshot. It has two light bounces, sharp and rough reflections, AO, and emissive lighting. All is dynamic (everything can be changed or moved in real-time). Runs fine on a low-end dedicated GPU.

Second image has GI off for reference.

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🍍➡️🥧 How to turn a pineapple into an apple pie.

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Is raymarching on the CPU dumb? Yea... but I had an absolute blast learning how to make this, and trying to push my PCs cores to their limit. Runs at 60+fps on my machine. It really is nuts how fast the job system and burst is.

Code is here if ya want it:

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on the . Only needed small fixes. Main work by @mux213@twitter.com @m4gr3d@twitter.com and @godotengine@twitter.com github.com/GodotVR/godot_oculu

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I blame @Mrdodobird@twitter.com for this... Cloth on the face is actually quite funny...

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In ONE WEEK @marpistudio@twitter.com & @Kevo@twitter.com will be presenting their holographic handiwork in the at @SausArtFestival@twitter.com at the Art Tech Pavilion. You won’t want to miss this one, so get your tickets now! sausalitoartfestival.org/ticke

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Some progress in my character creator for . Hope to release this on GitHub in a week or so , and maybe make some tutorial videos explaining the workflow and how everything works 🙂

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Results from our new paper on data-driven physics simulation for games. Produces 300 to 4000 times speedup over standard physics simulations by combining Machine Learning, subspace simulation, and lots of training data! theorangeduck.com/page/subspac

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Fast procedural fluid-like animated 3D noise, allowing for much nicer volumetric shading (should run close to 60fps at 1080p) See in motion: shadertoy.com/view/3l23Rh

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