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On this November 11, a thread about games against war
"You think you are dying for your country ; you die for the industrialists" (Anatole France, 1922)

just finished the "gutter" option in gitlab.com/frankiezafe/anybake : shapes can expand outside of their limits, and overlaps are managed thanks to depth

custom baking of info via and a bit of - gitlab.com/frankiezafe/anybake
intention is to control @godotengine@twitter.com with specific data coming from blender

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My Creative Coding workshop will be live-streamed tomorrow on @FrontendMasters@twitter.com homepage from approx 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Time — no subscription required to watch the stream!

We’ll be learning about canvas, ThreeJS, shaders, generative art and more.


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Accidentally found that in you can swap areas by holding down CTRL and dragging the split widget.😮

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27-28 Oktober, Bruxelles 🇧🇪

@godotengine@twitter.com is een libre engine waarmee beginners aan de slag kunnen om 3D game-ervaringen te creëren.


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It was IBM that was responsible for making \ the path separator instead of /, according to github.com/Microsoft/MS-DOS/bl

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Made some more progress with my river render. Switched from using advected textures to Stefan Jeschke's Siggraph 2018 Wave Profile ideas. Looks much richer!

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Here's a new clip from the voxel destruction game we're working on. I rewrote the physics solver to better handle all piles of voxel debris. Sorry about the art.. It's coming!

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Just played “Fugue in Void“ by @MosheLinke. It was immense. The Intro felt like the process of Creation. For some reason reminded me the awe I experienced while playing @Suprsupr's “La Forêt“.


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No one wants to hangout with this boid.

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Breaking Things is Easy; Fixing them is Hard - an article about my latest research at Ubisoft on automatically cleaning up motion capture data:


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tech demo of , a cpp lib for @godotengine@twitter.com to transform meshes into dynamic objects vimeo.com/groups/godotengine/v @polymorphcool

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Not a pretty gif, but CPU particles work. Godot particles use transform feedback (run on GPU), so they don't work on OpenGL ES 2.0. This is an alternative (harcoded) particle system, so particles can still be used on mobile, WebGL1, etc. Supports most ParticlesMaterial features.

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In green, countries who are parties to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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.@unity@twitter.com hi I noticed you automatically collect my players' hardware, play time, play frequency, session length, full information about their computer in all my games, but you only allow Pro licensees to disable that. How can I disable this with a regular free license?

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I got this “pocket developer” die and I love it so much

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