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ROOM 237 by @DoomCube@twitter.com & @Patlegoman@twitter.com: buff.ly/2WaJp1r

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Here's a simple Fire Shader that you can use in your games.

> Shader here (available for all!): patreon.com/posts/26900411

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I'll be at Libre Graphics Meeting again later this month in Saarbrücken, Germany. I'm leading a workshop on live-coding graphics with Processing in @PraxisLIVE@twitter.com libregraphicsmeeting.org/2019/ Hopefully lots more PraxisLIVE and @ProcessingOrg@twitter.com related discussion too @LGMeeting@twitter.com

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The more I look at this image the more amazing it gets.

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My favorite comment so far:
"When we create something, we care for it. If we could experience the creation of nature, would we care more about it?"
With @wilatwood@twitter.com and @gloom303@twitter.com, + @LeapMotion@twitter.com

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Here's a non-animated view of the Godot MIDI keyboard input demo in action. Source code available here: github.com/follower/godot-midi

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Well as it’s obvious I loveee architecture 🕌⛩🏯 and I love terrains ⛰🗻🏜so I’d never get bored mixing the two! Hope u guys wouldnt too!

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first texture shared by @godotengine@twitter.com via @_syphon@twitter.com - 3d scene render sharing is the next step
with great visual of @mist_veil@twitter.com

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dᵣₒₙₑ ₛₕₒw

when // feb 10 2019
what // 10hrs of drone music + indie arcade games
tix // withfriends.co/event/1187080/w

graphic // @NoNameGhost@twitter.com

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My student Lingdong Huang just published "age2death", a mirror with which you can watch yourself aging to death. Try it out online at @glitch@twitter.com, give it a few seconds: age2death.glitch.me

SCRIPT-8, by Gabriel Florit, is a fantasy console. Make pixel-art games with a browser editor. Featuring 128x128px resolution!

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OK, I think I might have to sit down with this. Script-8 is a retro online fantasy console with live coding. By @gabrielflorit@twitter.com.

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