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I created a dynamic, open world, infinite bounces, mostly leak free, high performance, global illumination for Godot 4.0. It's a pretty novel technique and based on signed distance fields. Pics speak by themselves.

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when an object is pulled out of this magical lake, its reflection comes with it. We can make a 3D fractal through repeatedly rotating, submerging, and scaling an initial cube

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You can now hang out with the gut dwellers!

Thanks again to @RupertCole for the music!

Download @itchio : daniel-ferguson.itch.io/dwelle

Have fun hanging out!

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Need to test lighting or occlusion techniques in a 3D engine like but have no level geometry to test with? I exported dozens of game maps of various complexity as OBJ meshes: github.com/Calinou/game-maps-o
Below is cmvalley in Godot's Vulkan renderer (2 million triangles).

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follow up on the translucent material, with surface roughness and a sort of background

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Exploring the Red Sails' desert⛵️(this boat emoji has orange sails and it's unacceptable)

back to basics for the new design of the website: minimal css, border buttons, etc. (WIP)

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announcing the SCOPETREX -- the vector gaming console for your oscilloscope or XY monitor!

ever wanted to buy a Vectrex, but can't afford the high prices on auction sites? well now you can build your own!

full design files at github.com/schlae/scopetrex

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Testing pure emissive lighting + 3 bounces. Unlike in Godot 3.x, you can now use any material, including custom shaders and they will emit light properly.

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Here is another one, this one solen from @notchvfx@twitter.com

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I've enlarged the Networking features that I'm working on for , by adding the SceneRewinder.

Now it's possible to sync any kind of object in the scene (with client side prediction, server reconciliation, etc...) like Rigid Body or custom scripts.
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