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Managed to get the ascii transition effect to work between levels. Could be tweaked further, but fairly happy with it for now...

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optimised generation via hd mesh and option to smooth vertices: solved in 5.7' instead of 18' for the previous algo, still some border glitches to fix though

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realtime terrain generation + positioning on terrain via heightmap (top-left sprite: ball position = blue dot on map) - lighting is good thanks to previous post :)


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implementation of bump to normal: absolutely not efficient (18.5sec), but result is good compared to the result of method available in the engine: smoother surfaces and no border glitch


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Need to test lighting or occlusion techniques in a 3D engine like but have no level geometry to test with? I exported dozens of game maps of various complexity as OBJ meshes: github.com/Calinou/game-maps-o
Below is cmvalley in Godot's Vulkan renderer (2 million triangles).

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I've enlarged the Networking features that I'm working on for , by adding the SceneRewinder.

Now it's possible to sync any kind of object in the scene (with client side prediction, server reconciliation, etc...) like Rigid Body or custom scripts.
[More -->]

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I improve the lighting of Water Temple Demo and added a new gorgeous water shader courtesy of @Dimev10@twitter.com and I submitted the asset to the @godotengine@twitter.com Assets Library.
Get the latest version directly here github.com/VicentGJ/Water_Temp while the review is pending.

"Godot Engine was awarded an Epic Megagrant"

Congrats . Well deserved. And we're looking forward to what you're going to do with this.

The importer /exporter for has been originally developed for the Defense & Space program.

Julien Duroure, the main developer behind it, explains how to use it to export from Blender to [Conf lang: FR].

The is enabled by default in Blender. More info about it in: julienduroure.com/en/2019/08/b

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