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New release: Godot 3 2D Destructible Objects v1.2.0

If you like my open source work, please consider supporting me :)

RT @HungryProton
The positioning code is now a separate resource so you can let Scatter take care of all the boring stuff like memory management and only focus on your custom logic😀

So here's a cliff generator

Mais um teste com o GIProbe dinâmico da Godot 4 devel. Tá no menor subdivision porque meu computador já tem 5 anos, então a qualidade não é das maiores, mas ainda assim tá muito bonito!

on the . Only needed small fixes. Main work by and

Some progress in my character creator for . Hope to release this on GitHub in a week or so , and maybe make some tutorial videos explaining the workflow and how everything works 🙂

A Portal demo in I did a while ago. I have no idea where the code is, but I was using the 3.0 unstable branch and the old physics engine, so this may not work in the current version.

"asteroid" field test
Trying's addon for

Here's a non-animated view of the Godot MIDI keyboard input demo in action. Source code available here:

, 27-28 Oct. Video Game for Art workshop.

Workshop lead by @frankiezafe who will uncover the potential of the libre video games engine.


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