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If you're going to @fosdem and have interest in gamedev, come and check out the Game Development devroom on Saturday.

Full schedule: fosdem.org/2020/schedule/track

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trying out continuous propagation.

the approach here is to do a single propagation pass each frame, but never to do a complete wipe. over time it converges on the infinite bounce solution.

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"Il Filo Conductore"

A small about about a cord, which hangs down from the top, overlooking a handful of delicately arranged objects.



The importer /exporter for has been originally developed for the Defense & Space program.

Julien Duroure, the main developer behind it, explains how to use it to export from Blender to [Conf lang: FR].

The is enabled by default in Blender. More info about it in: julienduroure.com/en/2019/08/b

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Wow, this is a pretty cool #GameJam idea !

Gaming Like It's 1924 is a jam where you must make use of a work first published in 1924, and thus that entered the public domain as of yesterday, according to US law !


Among those work are music pieces by George Gershwin, novels by Agatha Christie, or artworks by Paul Klee, and a lot more. #gamedev

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As a long time player and anarchist I find this perfect

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Reminder: the Decade Jam has started. I’m not sure 10 years will be enough for me to finish a game but I’m in. itch.io/jam/decadejam

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Godot 3.2: the Compressor effects has a sidechain input! You can make your own music performance in this engin - or a really sophisticated dynamic music system! I'm currently testing playing music from 4 stems in sync - works like a charm, no drifting, no hicups. I have realtime reverb and compression, a full blow audio mixer I can control from code. Amazing!
#Godot #GodotEngine #Music #GameDev

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soon: a 3d version of abalone (the board game) with physics: no rules implemented, only the physical reaction of balls on the board - my first (nearly) game :)
#gamedev #godotengine

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