the fediverse should know, if it does not know already, that Anna Anthropy released a new ZZT game last month(!) and it is beautiful and clever and very fun:

just discovered this website that has thousands of 3d scans of plants, just the preview imagery seems super useful as potential assets in various design stuff

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Managed to get the ascii transition effect to work between levels. Could be tweaked further, but fairly happy with it for now...

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Deze dude is echt inmiddels legend aan het worden. Holy sh*t wat is hij goed.

I knew I wasn't imagining this. Way back when, I thought this was a cockup, but now I'm thinking this was deliberate advertising despite the anachronism.

it's now possible to set "source" of #boid, +choose the shape and the initial orientation of the boids
in the right panel, you can see the params available
next step is to add "target" objects, where the boids will aim to.
#godotengine #gamedev #simulation #cpp #3d #automation #particles

playing with the border "wind" to repel the boids at the frontiers of their domain
#gamdev #godot

Question #stratégie : vous avez 1000 € que vous devez investir maintenant pour favoriser l'émergence du jeu vidéo Libre. Qu'est-ce que vous en faites 🤔 ?

Même question avec, 10 k€, 100 k€, 1000 k€ 💰

Repouettons par recueillir le plus possible d'idée 🙏

#JeuVidéoLibre #MécénatCodeLutin

Hi Linux users, how would you describe your current gaming habits on the platform?

#normalmap demo is packed and ready for download:
you cn play with the parameters of the brush and change the material
#godot is so great when it comes to diffusion!
#3d #gamedev #utils #generation #tool

The next session of will take place on the 19th of dec. To finish the year nicely, we are going to build a game in 1 day and publish it. Everybody is welcome!
All details:

Je fais un sondage #Mastodon sur les meilleurs jeux vidéos auxquels vous avez joué sur #Linux en 2020 (histoire d'avoir une bonne sélection à donner à Noël aux gens qui sont sous Linux).

Je commence avec ma sélection : Factorio et StreetofRage4

Je ferais un récap/top du sondage sur mon blog.


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