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On this November 11, a thread about games against war
"You think you are dying for your country ; you die for the industrialists" (Anatole France, 1922)

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I finally figured out how to shoot.
I even got unintentional recoil!

#GodotEngine #gamedev

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Get ready for meeting the community in Brussels at @fosdem, and our new !

We've got you covered with up to 6 days of @godotengine goodness with dozens of contributors and users!

Link: godotengine.org/article/meet-c

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just finished the "gutter" option in gitlab.com/frankiezafe/anybake : shapes can expand outside of their limits, and overlaps are managed thanks to depth

custom baking of info via and a bit of - gitlab.com/frankiezafe/anybake
intention is to control @godotengine@twitter.com with specific data coming from blender

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My Creative Coding workshop will be live-streamed tomorrow on @FrontendMasters@twitter.com homepage from approx 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Time — no subscription required to watch the stream!

We’ll be learning about canvas, ThreeJS, shaders, generative art and more.


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Accidentally found that in you can swap areas by holding down CTRL and dragging the split widget.😮

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27-28 Oktober, Bruxelles 🇧🇪

@godotengine@twitter.com is een libre engine waarmee beginners aan de slag kunnen om 3D game-ervaringen te creëren.


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If you're a game designer who never took a stats class, AnyDice is one of the most useful sites there is. anydice.com/

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Amazing video of Blender 2.8 GreasePencil by Jama Jurabaev. This mindblowing new workflow for 2D and 3D artists is an original blender_org free/open source innovation. youtube.com/watch?v=tobqZ8fMqB #b3d

, 27-28 Oct. Video Game for Art workshop.

Workshop lead by @frankiezafe who will uncover the potential of the libre video games engine.


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While I eventually some day have the opportunity to set up a Mastodon for iMAL:

27+28 Oct in #Brussels
An introduction workshop to @godotengine, a libre video games engine.

We'll focus on its artistic use, in particular in connection with other softwares like #SuperCollider or #Puredata.

More info: imal.org/vga/godot2018

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It was IBM that was responsible for making \ the path separator instead of /, according to github.com/Microsoft/MS-DOS/bl

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