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During the Death Race moral panic the press coined some wonderful new terms for "videogame".
A great post by The Videogame History Foundation.


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I got this “pocket developer” die and I love it so much

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Aaaaand it's launched!


Please read the instructions for reporting bugs and contributing to this project made withing a month with mastodon.gamedev.place/media/w

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Sisyphus, a #threejs experiment with technofle.sh, is nearly ready to go live - the nodejs part is coming tomorrow! @polymorphcool #avatar #libre #web #3d

"Armory is now a funded open-source project! We can now distribute it completely free of charge, further grow the community and tremendously improve the engine in return to benefit everyone"

First goal reached! | Lubos & contributors on Patreon - patreon.com/posts/first-goal-1

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Like a Kinect but with a standard webcam - impressive! Hope I can try this out for some AR demos soon 😎

"Real-time Human Pose Estimation in the Browser with TensorFlow.js"


Sisyphus avatar is no able to sit gently on its cube, slowly morphing! It is visible here > sisyphus.technofle.sh, devlogs on frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus - in collaboration with simone niquille (technofle.sh)

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basis of the Sisyphus webapp in collaboration with Simone Niquille is visible here frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus and here phus.technofle.sh - still a lot to do and not much time left...

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It seems to work now, so I have all weekend to polish and optimize.

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Game dev students: don't accept the narrative of "entrepreneurship" and "innovation" without demanding a critical look at those concepts. What the relationship is with labour, precarity, exploitation, class, craft & capitalism.

In short: demand education, not indoctrination

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Having more fun with @godotengine@twitter.com !!!

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So lots of downloads of the v4 pre-release and no issues reported. Are we talking Zarro Boogs found, or are you all being unnaturally shy? ;-)

How's v4 working for you so far? It's have your say time! twitter.com/PraxisLIVE/status/