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@Schizophrenicart did u know that atari sold the jaguar shell molds to a dental equipment company

Results from our new paper on data-driven physics simulation for games. Produces 300 to 4000 times speedup over standard physics simulations by combining Machine Learning, subspace simulation, and lots of training data!

Inigo Quilez ( destroys the world once more (by taking a couple months off work and outperforming everyone at raymarching):

@blender is posting series of video tutorials about 2.8 on their channel at the moment. You can follow them from . Just follow @blender

i'm struggling with mesh data formats in #godotengine , anybody with a bit xp in this field here?
by the way, dev is going well: a set of additional objects allows efficient conversion of std mesh into "softskin"meshes + cache system (yellow box)

some #job opportunities in a young expanding Swiss company developping simulators for the medical sector on #FLOSS bases :
#gamedev #vr #godotengine #b3d #blender #sysadmin #rust #webdev #seriousgame

Fast procedural fluid-like animated 3D noise, allowing for much nicer volumetric shading (should run close to 60fps at 1080p) See in motion:

Parution d'été dans la collection : "Littératures du jeu vidéo", actes du colloque de juin 2018 à ! Parution en partenariat avec et
Disponible dès aujourd'hui en précommande !

What happens when you combine the fluid dynamics from Sprinkle with stochastic transparency? This!

the online conference has some interresting talks apparently ...
I'm curious about "the making of : GRIS" f.ex. ... there are other about opensource and inclusiveness that looks worth it too
L'école d'été Relearn 2019 en 3 points sur une courbe. Prochain épisode à Bruxelles les 21 et 22 juin. Deux jours pour débrouiller ensemble de nouveaux outils de mise en page. Encore quelques places et jusqu'au 15 juin pour s'inscrire avec Yüup!

epilepsy warning / more godot shader experiments 

Here's an animated version of the earlier shot from today.

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