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Need to test lighting or occlusion techniques in a 3D engine like but have no level geometry to test with? I exported dozens of game maps of various complexity as OBJ meshes:
Below is cmvalley in Godot's Vulkan renderer (2 million triangles).

Our account has proudly outpaced our account in terms of follower count. Although there are probably more on the than on the .

Thank you all for prefering open standards and free software. You know where to find us!

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follow up on the translucent material, with surface roughness and a sort of background

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Exploring the Red Sails' desert⛵️(this boat emoji has orange sails and it's unacceptable)

first working prototype of 2d bézier curves : gdscript is "sampling" a set of consecutive bezier curves and uses linear interpolation to animate the arrows along the path
#2d #geometry #gamedev #godotengine

back to basics for the new design of the website: minimal css, border buttons, etc. (WIP)

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announcing the SCOPETREX -- the vector gaming console for your oscilloscope or XY monitor!

ever wanted to buy a Vectrex, but can't afford the high prices on auction sites? well now you can build your own!

full design files at

@reduz Hello. It'd be great if you could link your twitter account with this account, for the original things you post. So that if you publish something on Twitter, it can also be seen here. Or the opposite.

Just a suggestion. Thx. does it with some nice granular options.

Testing pure emissive lighting + 3 bounces. Unlike in Godot 3.x, you can now use any material, including custom shaders and they will emit light properly.

Here is another one, this one solen from

little side experiment: structural editing for #alv with a hardware controller.


Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

I've enlarged the Networking features that I'm working on for , by adding the SceneRewinder.

Now it's possible to sync any kind of object in the scene (with client side prediction, server reconciliation, etc...) like Rigid Body or custom scripts.
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