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This short article by @stevenstrogatz is a sweet intro to group theory:

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realtime terrain generation + positioning on terrain via heightmap (top-left sprite: ball position = blue dot on map) - lighting is good thanks to previous post :)


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implementation of bump to normal: absolutely not efficient (18.5sec), but result is good compared to the result of method available in the engine: smoother surfaces and no border glitch


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I created a dynamic, open world, infinite bounces, mostly leak free, high performance, global illumination for Godot 4.0. It's a pretty novel technique and based on signed distance fields. Pics speak by themselves.

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when an object is pulled out of this magical lake, its reflection comes with it. We can make a 3D fractal through repeatedly rotating, submerging, and scaling an initial cube

indeed, my math were not right,
they are better now!
still having issues at some positions, but main process is up & running
#godotengine #gamedev #3d #ik #animation

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You can now hang out with the gut dwellers!

Thanks again to @RupertCole for the music!

Download @itchio :

Have fun hanging out!

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Need to test lighting or occlusion techniques in a 3D engine like but have no level geometry to test with? I exported dozens of game maps of various complexity as OBJ meshes:
Below is cmvalley in Godot's Vulkan renderer (2 million triangles).

Our account has proudly outpaced our account in terms of follower count. Although there are probably more on the than on the .

Thank you all for prefering open standards and free software. You know where to find us!

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follow up on the translucent material, with surface roughness and a sort of background

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Exploring the Red Sails' desert⛵️(this boat emoji has orange sails and it's unacceptable)

first working prototype of 2d bézier curves : gdscript is "sampling" a set of consecutive bezier curves and uses linear interpolation to animate the arrows along the path
#2d #geometry #gamedev #godotengine

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