@bram_dingelstad I love secret project day! do you also have "secret of the secret project day"? because I have

The city is finally added to the game and now missions can be selected from here!

@bgorissen I know that feel! It's hard to keep the "this is business" and "this is a work of love" line too.

The proc gen city I have been working on its starting to feel more like a city now! A lot of pending details but it's a better mission screen already!

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Another screenshot from our game in development: Wicked Lands! A turn-based, roguelite, strategy, indie game.

Wishlist: bit.ly/3eT8Ufc

Discord: t.co/ot6EpiDVXq

#gamedev #IndieGame #art #videogame

to early access, or not to early access - that is the question

@feditips @Iancylkowski @craftykat @mouse

That is so cool! the only thing I don't like is the thing being called Fediverse... seriously, anything attached to the word verse raises my eyebrow so much it leaves my face

New challenge! Started the work on a proc gen city. Experimenting with tiles and street routes.

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Wicked Lands looks better everyday. I'm so excited seeing the progress @hugging_dragons (on Twitter) has made on the randomisation and terrain generation. It's still being tinkered with but he's done an outstanding job, and I gotta say I love making the props! #indiegame #gamedev #gameart #fantasy

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Hey I'm Chris, I work as a 2D games artist and illustrator. In my spare time I love drawing for my own fantasy world.

#introduction #art #illustration

@bram_dingelstad I get you! I experience that several times and waiting like 2 or 3 weeks for a response was draining me dry. Try to keep that mind busy!

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