A new work PC with ThreadRipper CPU has arrived. The boring part of setting it up is almost over, now onto actual testing in how it affects the build times! w00t t00t!

hmm so far ThreadRipper (32 threads) doesn't seem to be all that much faster than my old 12 thread Intel machine... wondering if I'm running into Win10 process destruction being slow issue that Bruce Dawson was talking about. That, or have to fiddle with Windows Defender settings

Stuff that is mostly single threaded slightly faster; stuff that goes wide in the build system (32 jobs instead of 12 in the old machine) takes 2-3x slower. Total time ends up about the same. Must be either process destruction bug, or AMD's hyperthreading is much less effective?

Need more experiments :)


@aras Out of curiosity, what build system are you using?

@reduz it's called "An Interesting One" :) Basically a somewhat modified JamPlus, that also has a Mono embedded into it now, to replace the Jam language with actual C#.

In the end this ends up doing just a bunch of cl.exe calls to compile files, just "at some point" windows decided to schedule them differently during the build. Very confusing.

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