What book would you recommend to someone looking to learn C++ for game dev (specifically engine/graphics) these days? Looking around Amazon, and I'm not finding much that's not packed with the "undesirable" aspects of the modern language. Ideally the book would be firmly planted in computer architecture, not be STL-all-the-things, tend towards C-like C++, yet cover the applicable parts of C++11, and so on.

how do you disable sounds in the Mastodon web client? I can't see anything in the preferences for it.

Hey! I was a engine dev (graphics and low-level systems) for about 13 years at various studios, on both consoles and PC. Got sick of the terrible management at the local (Vancouver) studios and went freelance for a while, tending towards unique-problems. Ended up mainly doing hardware and embedded work and eventually founded a hardware startup making industrial safety wearable devices, which is where I'm at now! Still do indie stuff for fun, but keep it light.

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