Oh would you look at the clock, it’s stupid-mistakes-thirty. Time to stop coding.

Steam store just told me that Skate XL is similar to Factorio.

Normal Saturday. Just removing some unintentional necrophilia from a game I'm working on.

The growing list of reasons to always wear a mask in public:
- prevent asymptomatic spreading of respiratory viruses
- defeat facial recognition
- look more ninja-like
- lunch breath doesn't hit as hard

How do you pronounce Mac OS Catalina’s bash replacement, zsh?

A Yule Sandwich Log, made from hard-boiled eggs, crumbled bacon, bread, avocado, pineapple, pimento cheese, shrimp, chili sauce, cranberry sauce, deviled ham, peanut butter and a dill pickle, all dipped in cream cheese and decorated with canned pears and maraschino cherries.

Sure, docs are great, but console logging lets you witness atomic reactions as opposed to having the concept of atomic reactions described to you.

Any tips out there on learning Unity shader language for someone whose favorite learning method is logging to the console? 😊

It did the same thing with my Achewood feed. Very cruel, rss reader. Very cruel.

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Oh, it's even funnier than that. My reader just marked the last 10 as unread, so I thought they were new, and it's been so long I didn't remember most of them, so I thought I never saw them.

So, like, carry on.

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I got all excited that there were new comics up at trenchescomic.com/ but what really happened was that the RSS feed (or my reader) was borked and I got the last 10 entries a few years late.

It's time to figure out how best to represent and manage a bitruncated cubic honeycomb as a data structure. 🤯

Started work this week on "unfinished game concept #312". Someday, decades from now, if I make it that long, I'm going to finally finish and release 30 games all at once, and then lay down and die.

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