Steam deck does not disappoint - elden ring and no man's sky both run great, battery life seems to be good enough?

kicking the tires to make sure this still works... been a while :)

The blender UI rework looks like a great step for the tool, hopefully it doesn't wreck muscle memory for people who have learned the previous interface

Anyone got a suggestion for a decent mastodon android app?

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I just want to say that as a programmer with no artistic ability, I _love_ seeing artists showing off here. Don't be afraid to post unfinished work, a little technique, or something useless that you intensely admire. We will admire it, too.

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My office chair got an eyebrow raise from a friend today, so I’m going to share the picture more widely because more people should know about the wonderful Hag Capisco. It’s weird looking but 9 years ago this chair allowed me to continue working after my back became really bad and I love it, together with my height adjustable desk. Look after yourselves, desk bound friends!

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Anybody ever had their unity game trigger antivirus software? Latest build of our game has triggered multiple AV vendors with false positives. Running on Unity 2017.2.0f3

Feels weird to be starting a new sprint right before a holiday. Just enough time for all the tasks to fit in my head before I go away and forget them all

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I like C# as a language but integrating it into an engine and supporting it across a wide variety of platforms looks like a nightmare.

Maybe lua isn't so bad....

*make small change in netcode*

*entire game explodes*

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If anyone is interested, the author of Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom) is writing another book online, Crafting Interpreters ( I love his writing style and I'm having a delight studying it; also, he made both books for free online, and both are pretty awesome reading for programmers.

Interesting to see mono project putting a traditional interpreter back into the toolchain - more excited about the improved support for AppDomains for loading/reloading stuff in isolation

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My current passion project is a local multiplayer game about robots playing endless sports in a post-human world.

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Folks getting 500 errors etc.: I'll try to move to beefier server(s) tomorrow (now sleep time here...). Expected like max 100 people on day1, whereas right now it's over 600.

Not the worst problem to have! :) But bear with me/us if this crumbles under load a bit.

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